Why Liquid Detergents Are The Best For Washing Machines

Why Liquid Detergents Are The Best For Washing Machines

The importance of finding the right detergent for you and your family

Finding the right detergent for your clothes is an important part of the laundry process. With multiple options ranging from bars to powders to liquid detergents, it can often leave you confused when choosing the best option for you and your family.

The average family does 400 loads of laundry per year or about 8 loads per week*. With that much laundry being done, it’s essential that the first step would be to find the right detergent


Less POW(D)ER To You

Detergent bars were the first ones on the scene and they were followed by powder detergents. Powder detergents are more economical as compared to liquid detergents and they do a fine job at cleaning those stubborn stains right out. However, this comes at a cost.

Many powder detergents contain bleach, a chemical agent which tends to fade the colour of clothes. If you have used powder detergents before you would have seen that they sometimes leave a residue behind that sticks on your clothes. The allergens in powder detergents can further cause skin irritations and rashes on your body as they do not dissolve fully, especially when washed in cold water.

Additionally, if you’re concerned about the environment like we are, it’s important to note that many powder detergents contain phosphates, a chemical that enters our waterways leading to the formation of algae, which deprives marine and aquatic life of oxygen leading to their death!

Born Good, The Game Changer

Born Good’s liquid detergent for clothes are made out of plant based ingredients that are thoroughly tested by our bio-chemists. Our liquid washing detergents dissolve at room temperature leaving you with a batch of fresh and fragrant clothes. Our liquid detergents do not contain bleach making them ideal for washing all kinds of clothes without damaging the fabric and preventing clothes from discolouration.

Further, liquid detergents work great as a pre-treatment directly on tough stains which is not possible with powder detergents. Get started with our fragrant line of Born Good liquid detergents today to see a lasting visible difference tomorrow!

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