A Foodie's Best Friend: Embrace Your Foodie Lifestyle with Born Good's Stain Remover and Liquid Detergent

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A Foodie's Best Friend: Embrace Your Foodie Lifestyle with Born Good's Stain Remover and Liquid Detergent

Foodies, your ultimate guide to tackling stubborn clothing stains!

Hey fellow foodies! Let's talk about something we all love – digging into amazing meals and trying out new flavours. But here's the annoying part – stains that tend to stick around on our favourite clothes. Ugh! It's like our love affair with food comes with an unwanted side effect. Like seriously, can't we enjoy our meals without worrying about ruining our outfits?

Well, brace yourselves because we are here to solve this messy problem! Our plant-based stain remover and liquid detergents are going to be your partners in crime in the unending battle against food stains. Say goodbye to the stress of dealing with stains and focus on savouring every bite and having a blast.

Born Good is here to level up your foodie journey, one clean outfit at a time.

Unveiling Our Stain-Busting Heroes

Imagine this: you're enjoying your yummiest meal, and oh no! The curry drops on your clothes, or maybe you accidentally wipe your food fingers on the hem of your clothes. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Especially when you are wearing something new or white!

This is the exact situation we never want to be in; that's why we always have our dynamic duo handy– Fabric Stain Remover and Laundry Detergents by Born Good. Together they fight those tough stains easily and quickly! It's like having a team of stain-fighting champions in your laundry room!

So the next time you come across some laundry mishap, you know you can just directly go to your laundry room instead of watching endless videos about kitchen hacks that "promise" to clean your clothes but end up ruining them.

A Foodie's Best Friend: Embrace Your Foodie Lifestyle with Born Good's Stain Remover and Liquid Detergent

From Ketchup to Coffee: 25+ Stains, One Stain Remover

We get it – if you are a foodie, spills are a part of your life (and your clothes.) But fear not! Equipped with our plant-powered secret weapon – a blend of bio-enzymes and coconut goodness – you're ready to tackle any stain that drops your way. With us, a spotless triumph over stain is guaranteed. Because spills should be just a part of life, not the end of it!

For best results, here's how you can use it :

1. Spray Liberally: Spray the stain remover generously on the stain.

2. Brush Gently: Use a toothbrush to brush the stain gently.

3. Wait & Watch: Let it sit for 30-60 minutes as the stain breaks down.

4. Wash it Off: If the stain is still there, give it a nice wash using our eco-friendly and effective laundry detergent–by hand or in a machine.

Repeat steps 1-3 a couple of times for a deep clean on tough stains.

Born Good's stain remover for clothes is your secret weapon against an array of stains, including grass, blood, sweat, oil, red wine, makeup, tea, coffee, cola, juices, BBQ sauce, ketchup, oil, and even the notorious chocolate smudge.

A Foodie's Best Friend: Embrace Your Foodie Lifestyle with Born Good's Stain Remover and Liquid Detergent

Ladies, we've got you covered too! Our stain remover is your loyal ally when it comes to tackling period stains. From clothing to undergarments, bed linens to nightwear, say goodbye to those pesky stains that threaten to dampen your day.

A Symphony of Freshness with our Liquid Detergent

But the journey doesn't end with stain removers alone. Our liquid detergents join the ranks, making sure that your foodie adventures leave no trace on your clothes.

Remember, while the stain remover helps prevent stains from setting in, it's equally vital to give your clothes a thorough wash afterwards to guarantee complete stain removal.

They are powered by potent plant-based ingredients that do it all – they kick stains to the curb, deep clean, and leave your garments smelling oh-so-fresh. These contemporary fragrances won't overwhelm you; instead, they linger like a delightful memory until your next wash. It's a win for your clothes and your senses.

Whether it's your everyday wear, linens, or towels, our liquid detergent has got you covered. Our concentrated laundry detergent comes in a captivating Brazilian Rosewood fragrance and can play well with front load, top load machines, and hand wash too.

Embrace Guilt-Free Foodie Living

At Born Good, we believe in more than just clean clothes; we believe in fostering a lifestyle that resonates with your passions i.e. FOOD. Our stain remover and liquid detergent are testaments to this ideology—your companions in embracing a guilt-free foodie lifestyle. No longer do you have to hold back from relishing your favourite dishes. Indulge, experiment, and savour every moment without the worry of stains tarnishing your joy.

A Foodie's Best Friend: Embrace Your Foodie Lifestyle with Born Good's Stain Remover and Liquid Detergent

The Born Good Commitment

Our products are more than formulations; they're commitments to you and the planet. Born Good's stain remover for clothes and liquid detergent are rooted in our brand's DNA of eco-consciousness. With zero toxins and a cruelty-free approach, we're not just delivering solutions for your clothes; we're delivering solutions for a better world.

With Born Good’s biodegradable detergent concentrate, you can wash 6-8 kg of clothes with just 10 ml, unlike regular laundry detergents, which need 60 ml for the same load.


So, fellow foodie, remember that the next time a sauce ends up on your outfit, our stain remover and liquid detergent are your trusty sidekicks for saving your style. Enjoy your passion without worry; we're here to support you and your clothes.

Let's blend food and fashion seamlessly, leaving spills behind.

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