Natural Pest Control 101: Born Good's Playbook for a Critter-Free Castle!

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Natural Pest Control 101: Born Good's Playbook for a Critter-Free Castle!

Ultimate TOXIC-FREE Pest Control Guide

Is your home suddenly turning into a buzz-ing party house for flies and other pesky pests? Making themselves at home on your fruits, kitchen, and even on your bed? Well then, it is high time we show them the exit and take back control!

But how? With our toxic chemical-free guide to pest control!!

If you look closely inside your kitchen cabinets, it is filled with an army of natural pest defenders. And they are also the ingredients that pests absolutely hate. So let's transform your frustration into triumph and disappointment into delight!

From ants to flies to those ever-watchful lizards, let's show them the exit door once and for all!

March of the Ants: Salt to the Rescue!

Ants invading your space like uninvited guests to a party? Time to throw some salt in their plans! Our trick is as clever as a fox with a Ph.D. in party crashing. Sprinkle salt around their entrance like confetti, and suddenly your home becomes a no-entry zone for ants. They'll be sending regrets to the ant party, wondering what happened to their VIP access!

Flies Beware: Drama with Fragrant Soap Bars

Natural Pest Control 101: Born Good's Playbook for a Critter-Free Castle!


Are flies becoming a nuisance? Try this easy trick. Take a scented soap, put it in a bag, and crush it. Place these bags around your home, especially close to windows. If there is one thing flies hate, it's the smell of solid-smelling soap. Let's use that to our advantage and make them leave. Freshen up your space and wave those flies goodbye. It's a surprising solution, isn't it?

Lizard Drama: Vinegar Showdown

Ever had that heart-stopping moment when you spot a lizard on the wall, and suddenly you're screaming at the top of your lungs? We get it –those unexpected encounters can really be traumatizing. But fret not; we have a genius (and inexpensive) trick up our sleeve.

Drop your jhadu and chappals and try this vinegar mix instead. Mix two parts vinegar, 1 part lemon juice, and a few drops of essential oil in a spray bottle. Shake well, then spray it in the areas where you've had those lizard encounters.

This simple step not only repels them but also has an added bonus – it leaves your space cleaner and brighter. Say goodbye to panic attacks!!

Ready to banish those lizards naturally? Watch our video tutorial

Born Good's Finale: Where Home Meets Health

We're not just in the business of banishing pests; we're here to celebrate life, quirks, and pests (from a distance). Just like our biodegradable detergents and eco-friendly cleaners, our pest control tactics are a fusion of effectiveness and a sprinkle of Born Good charm. It's not just about natural home cleaning products; it's about forging a partnership for a home that's a haven for you, your family, and yes, even those critters (as long as they stay outside)!

Natural Pest Control 101: Born Good's Playbook for a Critter-Free Castle!

From Reading to Action: Unleash Your Inner Pest Control Maestro

With our natural home cleaning products and solutions, it's your turn to get rid of those pesky pests without hurting your health. Our mission is to help you create a home where critters think twice, and family laughter echoes endlessly. But wait, there's more!

Dive into our full range of home cleaners and let your home become a sanctuary of clean, green living.

With eco-friendly cleaners like natural detergents and more, Born Good doesn't just clean; we care.

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