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Plant-based Cockroach Repellent Spray

Plant-based Cockroach Repellent Spray

Gently ward off cockroaches with our Born Good plant-based Cockroach Repellent Spray. This specially formulated spray ensures your safety from cockroaches while remaining 100% pet and baby-safe. Crafted with carefully selected essential oils, our cruelty-free formulation doesn't eliminate but naturally repels cockroaches. Unlike conventional repellents, it contains no pesticides, chemicals, or toxic fragrances. For optimal results, we recommend daily spraying during the first week and then once a week thereafter.

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Why Choose Born Good

Born Good

Key Ingredients

1. Essential oils
2. Sugarcane extracts


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Manufactured & Marketed by: Be Better Personal Care Private Limited, #336 & #337 Jonabonda Village, Onnalavadi Post, Krishnagiri District, Hosur 635110

Plant-based Cockroach Repellent Spray


Works instantly




Natural repellent

Spray to maintain a cockroach-free home with Born Good's plant-based Cockroach Repellent Spray. This specially formulated spray not only ensures your protection from pests but is also 100% safe for pets and babies.

Crafted with carefully selected essential oils of neem, cedarwood, and lemongrass, our cruelty-free formulation doesn't eliminate but naturally repels cockroaches in the most environmentally friendly manner. The user-friendly spray design ensures the solution reaches even the darkest corners while keeping your hands clean.

Containing zero chemicals, pesticides, and toxins, this product offers the cleanest approach to keeping cockroaches at bay. Its composition of natural essential oils and plant-based derivatives makes it safe for pets, babies, and your home.


Essential oils


Sugarcane extracts

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
sooraj sigh
Good repellent


Best quality

it worked great at repelling cockroach

sagar soniya
It really works!

Very good and effective product

Prakash Pandian
Effectively works

Must buy to get rid of Cockroaches.

rahul sharma24jan
Amazing Product

Most importantly the cockroaches disappear on the use of this product.

frequently asked questions

What does this cockroach repellent spray do?

This plant-based cockroach repellent spray is formulated to repel cockroaches and keep them from entering your house again.

How does this product work?

The aromas from the natural essential oils in this product repel cockroaches naturally. Spray liberally wherever you find cockroaches in your home and focus especially on the entry points.

How long does it take to repel cockroaches?

Use this plant-based cockroach repellent spray daily for one week and once a week thereafter for a total ant-free home.

Does it kill the cockroach?

No, this spray does not kill cockroaches but repels them. Our cruelty-free formulation is made with empathy towards all living creatures while saving you the mess of cleaning them up once they die.

Is it safe to use it anywhere in the house?

Yes, this product can be used anywhere in your house, even your kitchen as it has no pesticides and is made with natural essential oils and plant-based derivatives. However, please cover any food items as an added precaution and avoid spraying directly on them.

Does this product contain pesticides?

No, this cockroach repellent spray does not contain any pesticides and is 100% pet-safe and baby-safe.

What are the ingredients in this product?

The key ingredient used is natural essential oils (from neem, cedarwood & lemongrass). Please check the ingredients section for a complete list of ingredients.

What care or precaution do I need to take while using this product?

Avoid spraying this on your body, floor surfaces, and clothing. Keep out of reach of pets, children, and direct flames. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately, and in case of irritation or rash on your skin, seek medical attention at the earliest. For external use only.


Insect repellent
Ingredients Derived From Purpose
Ethanol Sugercane To prevent stains from forming
Lemongrass oil Essential oils derived from Cymbopogon Repel insects
Cedarwood oil Essential oils derived from various cypress botanical families Repel insects
Neemd oil Essential oils derived from neem Repel insects