What makes Born Good products eco friendly?

What makes Born Good products eco friendly?

Trendy or truthful?

With almost every brand jumping onto the “green” bandwagon, how do you know that the products you’re purchasing are actually eco-friendly? Being environmentally conscious consumers, we’ve been in your skeptical shoes multiple times. So, to make your purchase of Born Good’s natural home cleaners doubt free and effortless, we decided to give you a snapshot of how Born Good is doing its bit for the environment.


What makes Born Good products eco friendly

How are Born Good’s products eco-friendly?

1) Responsibly sourced ingredients

We take cautiously from the environment, so that we don’t hurt it in the long run. Our range of eco-friendly cleaning products are powered by the magic of plant-based, non-toxic, hypoallergenic ingredients, such as coconut extracts, sugarcane glycerine and brussel sprouts—yes, germs hate them too! This makes them safe for everyone— including babies, pets and immunocompromised individuals. In fact some of our products such as our Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Floor Cleaners are made up of 89% BioBased ingredients. This implies that, if you use Born Good to clean your home and clothes, you’re sending no acid slurry, sulphates, phosphates or parabens into the environment via your rinse water. In fact, our rinse water is safe enough to water your own plants!

We’re proud to share that we’ve prevented 33,113 liters of toxic detergent from entering our oceans in 2021 alone.

2) Plastic Neutral

Since we haven’t found an alternative to plastic packaging, we’ve pledged to recycle the same amount of plastic we sell. As a result of this pledge, we’ve recycled 5200 kgs of plastic in 2021! Our bottles are durable and can easily be topped up with our refills, which use 70% less plastic than bottles. Our secondary packaging is sustainable too. We switched the bubble wrap for shredded scrap paper and plastic/ foil tape for paper tape instead.

3) Concentrated Formulas

We believe in conserving resources. Our plant-based non toxic products not only protect the environment from harm, but also take lesser resources from it in order to get the job done. We’ve innovated a range of concentrate cleaners which consume a fraction of the water required by traditional detergents and floor cleaners to fight the dust, dirt and grime. For example, with Born Good’s biodegradable detergent concentrate you can wash 6-8 kg of clothes with just 10 ml, unlike regular detergents which need 60 ml for the same load.

4) Small carbon footprint

We aim to be a very cool brand.. Unlike most conventional detergents which mandate your washing machines to run water at 60°C, our products are designed to be used with cold or room temperature water.

Furthermore, if you choose to purchase our concentrate cleaners or refill packs, you can dock your carbon footprint a smidge more. How? Since they take up lesser space in transit, more products can travel the miles together.

5) Cruelty Free

If you’ve caught our drift, you know we love the environment. This includes animals. So, apart from making sure that marine creatures aren’t chugging more chemicals, we don’t test our products on animals or use animal by-products. Furthermore, we also source the palm oil, used in some products like our dishwashing liquid gel, in a responsible and sustainable manner, so that orangutans & rhinos aren’t displaced because of us.

Don’t just take our word for it!

- We’re the first USDA certified range of cleaning products in India. Their radio-carbon dating analysis tells you the exact percentage of BioBased ingredients in our products. P.S We don’t hide behind vague packaging. All our ingredients are mentioned either on the packaging or on our website.

What makes Born Good products eco friendly

- All our manufacturing partners are listed on the global Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) gateway. What’s that? ZDHC ensures that any effluent created due to our manufacturing process is not toxic to the environment.

What makes Born Good products eco friendly

- If you’re worried that our products are too gentle on germs, stop worrying! Tested by Bureau Veritas (a global MNC) all our disinfectants from floor cleaners, detergents to dishwashing gels are just as effective as traditional cleaners. Furthermore, our eco-friendly cleaning products protect your marble and tile floors from yucky yellow stains, keep your hands rash free and your clothes shining brighter for longer.

If you’ve taken the time to read this, we’re definitely on the same team. If you want to make our team win, then it’s time to ditch those chemical-y cleaning products today! We promise to provide for all your home care needs, while keeping the needs of our beloved planet in mind. Reach out to us at care@borngood.in if you want to clarify any of the information shared above. We would love to chat!

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