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Plant-based Laundry Detergent Tablets

Plant-based Laundry Detergent Tablets

No mess, no stress, for a lot less!

Just pop one tablet into the machine and press start. A pack of 30 plant-based laundry detergent tablets that easily covers a month's worth of laundry (or 30 regular loads!). Our hassle-free tablets will wash away tough stains while giving your clothes a refreshing, gentle bath. They are also super-convenient with no worries about measuring, spillage, and messy laundry rooms.

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Why Choose Born Good

Born Good

Key Ingredients

1. C-18 Palmitic surfactant from RSPO Certified Palm Oil
2. Citric acid from citrus fruits
3. Bio-enzymes


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MRP (inclusive of all taxes):
1 pack (30 tablets)  - Rs. 329/-

Manufactured & Marketed by:
Be Better Personal Care Private Limited,
#336 & #337 Jonabonda Village,
Onnalavadi Post,
Krishnagiri District,
Hosur 635110

Plant-based Laundry Detergent Tablets

Inspired by Nature. Made good with Science.


No measuring 





Introducing Born Good’s revolutionary laundry detergent tablets - formulated to make your laundry routine easy and hassle-free.

Our detergent tablets are made from plant-based ingredients that wash away tough stains while leaving your laundry smelling oh-so-fresh with a long-lasting fragrance of woody nutmeg and spiced vetiver.

The convenience of our innovative tablet form also eliminates the hassle of having to measure your detergents and all the spills that leave your laundry room in a mess.

Plus, they come in a compact drawer pack that takes up very little space (and is fun to use!)


C-18 Palmitic Surfactant From Palm Oil


Citric Acid



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frequently asked questions

How many detergent tablets should I use for one load of laundry?

For one normal load (6 to 8 kgs) of laundry, you only require one Born Good Detergent Tablet and 2 tablets for heavily soiled clothes.

Can Born Good’s Detergent Tablet be used for handwashing clothes?

No, Born Good’s Detergent Tablet is suitable only for machine washing.

What is the difference between Born Good’s Detergent Tablet and my ordinary detergent?

Born Good's Laundry Detergent Tablet is a complete plant-based formulation that efficiently removes stains without ruining the fabric. It is a convenient alternative to ordinary detergents, as it eliminates the chances of spillage or the hassle of measuring the quantity of detergent to be used. Hence, providing you with a cleaner and greener solution for your laundry needs. Also, our tablets are 30% more economical as compared to ordinary detergents on a per-load basis. This is when compared to ordinary detergents that cost Rs. 220 per liter and require 60ml per load.

How to use Born Good’s Detergent Tablet?

Using Born Good’s Detergent Tablet is very easy. Tear open the wrapper, remove the tablet, and pop it in the machine before putting in your clothes. In case, you forget to pop the tablet before, make sure that it does not enter in any pocket. Choose a cold water cycle to save energy.

Are Born Good’s Detergent Tablets safe for my baby’s skin?

Born Good’s laundry detergent tablets are absolutely safe for your baby’s skin as they are completely plant-based and contain no harmful chemicals like bleach or chlorine.

What are the ingredients used in this detergent tablet?

Born Good’s Detergent Tablet is made with natural ingredients like coconut and sugarcane extracts which effectively cleans and removes stains without doing any harm to the skin and the fabric. To know more about the ingredients used in our tablets, refer to the complete list mentioned below.

What care or precautions should be taken while using this product?

Store it at room temperature. Keep away from children. Before administering, read the instructions carefully. In case of any contact with your eyes, remove your contact lenses if present and wash your eyes with water thoroughly.


Ingredients Derived From Purpose
Protease Powder Bio-enzyme Remove protein stains such as milk, blood & gravy
Lypase Powder Bio-enzyme Remove fat & oil stains
Amylase Powder Bio-enzyme Remove starch base stains such as choclate , food sauce , ice cream
Sodium Citrate Citrus acid Dispersing agent
Trilon M Pdr Synthetic Water softenning agent
Zeolite Natural minerals Binding and moisture protection
Salt Common salt Control water hardness
Fragrance Essential oils To enhance freshness
Methyl Ether Sodium Salt RSPO certified palm oil Remove mud stains & enhance brightness
Soda Ash Baking soda Filler & cleaning agent
Sodium Bi-Carbonate Natural minerals - Nahcolite Filler & cleaning agent
Citric Acid Citrus acid pH controler