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Air Freshener Concentrate

Air Freshener Concentrate

Infused with energizing essential oil fragrances, this concentrated spray helps cleanse the air and effectively keeps large spaces or rooms smelling great!

Benefits of Choosing Us

Aerosol Free

Fresher Rooms

Uplifts Your Mood

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Why Choose Born Good

Born Good

Key Ingredients

Fragrances from essential oils


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MRP (inclusive of all taxes):
50 ml concentrate x 2 & 500mml empty bottle - Rs. 599
50 ml x concentrate x 2 - Rs. 499
50 ml concentrate x 4 - Rs. 998

Manufactured & Marketed by:
Be Better Personal Care Private Limited,
#336 & #337 Jonabonda Village,
Onnalavadi Post,
Krishnagiri District,
Hosur 635110

Plant-Based Concentrated Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Liquid - Baby & Pet Friendly

Inspired by Nature. Made good with Science.


Aerosol Free


Fresher Rooms


Uplifts Your Mood

Unlike traditional air fresheners that are made up of 80% water, our concentrated air freshener is made using only 40% water. This product saves over 40% water as compared to traditional cleaners. As there is less transport of water, the carbon footprint is lower. It also saves space at home and reduces the frequency of shopping. The biodegradable plant-based ingredients that are derived from coconut and sugarcane and do not harm our water bodies.

Both of our air freshener variants have a pleasant and uplifting fragrance. They have a calming effect that will elevate your mood. These fragrances have a long lasting effect and help cleanse the air. Our Indian Summer fragrance is made with notes of Neroli, Spicy Citrus And Floral Ylang Ylang, whereas our Himalayan Winter is made of Woody Musk, Bergamot and Citrus.


Fragrance From Essential Oils

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Archana Mehta
Excellent products

I am using their detergent, softener and the floor cleaning liquid. All of them
Are excellent products

Aishwarya V
Smells floral and fresh!

Absolutely loving the air freshener by BornGood. The fragrance is super subtle and not overwhelming like the synthetic air fresheners which cause headache after a while.
So if you are looking for a natural, mild and gentle room freshner here’s your find! I am looking forward to more scents in this. Would love citrus or lavender scent or something earthy like pine or patchouli..

Nice Products

Nice products I repeated the order for liquid detergent concentrate. This time I bought few more They are also very good

Penn R
Lovely fragrance

I love the liquid laundry detergents and have been using them for a while now, especially for my child's clothes. I tried the liquid dish wash but I find the fragrance too strong for dishes. Maybe milder or no fragrance will be better. Overall, I love the natural feel of your products. Cheers!

Anuj Prakash
Great product and value for money! Good deals!

The concentrated detergent cleans very well and has a nice smell! Also the amount needed is about half a cup for a big load of that makes it last longer than usual liquid detergents. The buy 2 get 1 free (I got the fabric conditioner) which is a sweet deal!

frequently asked questions

How do we use this product?

As this is a concentrated product, it first needs to be diluted. Empty the contents of the 50ml glass bottle (the concentrate) into the 500ml empty bottle and top it up with drinking water.

Once the solution is ready, spray it liberally across your home or office

Where can it be used?

Our air freshener can be used in all rooms, kitchen, washrooms, on linen, on curtains, on sofas, in the car, in living space and in offices.

Does it remove bad odour?

Yes, it eliminates bad odour.

What are the fragrance notes in this air freshener?

Our Indian Summer fragrance is made with notes of Spicy Cardamom and Floral Ylang Ylang, whereas our Himalayan Winter is made of Woody Musk, Bergamot and Citrus.

Are these air fresheners hypoallergenic?

Yes, the fragrances are derived from essential oils making them hypoallergenic and safe to us.

Is this product safe for kid’s and pet’s?

Yes, the ingredients we use are natural and do not contain any toxins and this makes the product safe for kid’s and pet’s.

Does this product contain aerosols or any other toxic ingredients?

No, there are not aerosols, no CFC’s, no propellants and no toxic chemicals at all.

What are the ingredients used in the product?

They key ingredients used are fragrances from essential oils and a natural solvent derived from sugarcane.


Ingredients Derived From Purpose
Hypoallergenic fragrances Essential oils Fragrance
Natural Solvent Sugarcane To make the essential oil water soluble
Aqua Naturally occuring