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Natural cleaners for home

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Floor Cleaner Liquid Concentrate

Regular price Rs. 309
Regular price Rs. 309 Rs. 419 Sale price

(26% off)

38% off

Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl Cleaner Liquid

Regular price Rs. 319
Regular price Rs. 319 Rs. 518 Sale price

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Glass And Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate

Regular price Rs. 299
Regular price Rs. 299 Rs. 499 Sale price

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Tap And Shower Cleaner Concentrate

Regular price Rs. 409
Regular price Rs. 409 Rs. 549 Sale price

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Air Freshener Concentrate

Regular price Rs. 359
Regular price Rs. 359 Rs. 599 Sale price

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Air Freshener (Closets & Cars)

Regular price Rs. 199
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Gadget Cleaner And Disinfectant

Regular price Rs. 339
Regular price Rs. 339 Rs. 449 Sale price

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Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Liquid

Regular price Rs. 279
Regular price Rs. 279 Rs. 399 Sale price

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more about born good plant-based home cleaners

Advantages of plant-based home cleaners over ordinary home cleaners

Born Good plant-based home cleaners are toxin free. Unlike ordinary cleaners, there are no harmful chemicals in our products. Instead, we used plant-based ingredients like coconut extracts, sugarcane extracts and soybean oil.

How effective are plant-based home cleaners

Born Good plant-based home cleaners work just as well, if not better, than ordinary cleaners. All our home cleaners including our floor cleaner, gadget cleaner, tap & shower cleaner and well as our glass & multi-surface cleaner are lab tested and proven for their cleaning efficacy.

What are the key ingredients used in plant-based home cleaners?

All our home cleaners (from the floor cleaner and the gadget cleaner to the glass and multi-surface cleaner and the air freshener) are made with plant-based goodness. The common ingredients across our cleaners are coconut extracts, sugarcane extracts, fragrances from essential oils and neem & tulsi extracts.

Are Born Good cleaners safe for kids and pets?

Yes, they are. As the ingredients we use are non-toxic, all our products are safe for kids and pets.

Do you use fragrances? Are they from essential oils? 

Yes, we do use fragrances and they are derived from essential oils.

Where can the Concentrated Air Freshener be used?

Born Good’s Air Freshener is a great addition to any home and office. It is great for all spaces including living rooms, bedrooms, washrooms and across the office.


Is the gadget cleaner safe on all electronic devices?

Yes, the gadget cleaner can be used on all devices like TV’s, laptops, mobile phones, camera’s, etc. We do recommend not spraying on exposed electronic circuitry.