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Born Good - The Good Detergent - Blog

How We Made Detergent Cleaner, Safer And Greener

Our story was born with the aspiration to be good. We wanted to go beyond laundry detergent efficacy and create products that were as good at cleansing and stain removal as they were for our environment, our clothes and our bodies. And, like all good stories, it began with a vision to be better, do more and make a positive impact.

As our founder & CEO, Mohit Belani, watched lakes and other water bodies around him foam-up with toxic effluents and eventually catch fire, he knew a systemic change had to be made at the very source of this toxic water pollution. Close to two decades in the textile processing industry put Mohit in a unique position to lead this change. He drew on the 50+ years of experience of our parent companies, Ramsons Garment Finishing Equipment (Ramsons) & European Textile Chemical Corporation (ETCC), to understand the most efficient ways to minimise the negative ecological impact of traditional detergent affluents.

The answer was right in front of us - Nature

Bottling up Plant Powered Science

Our team of accredited bio-scientists and chemists turned to the evergreen world of nature and plants around us to create the unique plant-based formulations of our proprietary line of bio-based liquid laundry detergents. Each of our formulations are derived from the reliable goodness of plants and are augmented by the efficiency of science. Not only do they work as powerful cleaning agents, they are also lab-tested and backed by highly-reputed accreditations from the USDA.

Most importantly, our range of eco-friendly laundry detergents is proven to be less polluting for our water bodies, more gentle on your skin, and increase the lifespan of your clothes. All within our eco-friendly Forever PET bottles.

We conceived and launched BornGood to help more people contribute to making our planet a better place is a small yet significant way, without compromising on cleaning efficacy.

— Mohit Belani (Founder & CEO)

Helping you, your home and our environment

We are a USDA Certified BioBased Product with a score of 72%. This certification measures the percentage of bio-based content using radio-carbon analysis, and an increase in this score suggests an increase in biodegradability of the product.

When your garments are cleansed without sulphates and phosphates, the skin it covers wears all its pH neutral goodness. Because, less toxins on your linen means less toxins on your hands.

The surfactants and enzymes in our formula are powerful plant-based agents that effectively break-down the toughest stains and thoroughly wash them off your garments and linen.

Our formulation contains strong bio-based antimicrobial and germicide agents that kill harmful bacteria without stripping the strength of your garments and linen.

Our ethos at Born Good is founded in creating products that help you make our planet cleaner in effortless yet meaningful ways. This means we are constantly innovating to make our products better and more suited to each of your laundry needs. After all, every load of laundry is unique.

Whether it's a delicate, white, dark or active day, we’ve got you covered

Brazilian Rosewood & Japanese Cypress: These USDA Certified BioBased products with a score of 72% effectively remove stains, deep cleanse, and keep your garments smelling fresh. They are specially formulated with plant-based surfactants, powerful ingredients, and subtly distinct fragrances to keep your garments smelling as good as they are for our earth.

Shade Revive: We formulated this innovative performance detergent especially for your solid, dark-coloured garments and linen. Its advanced colour reviving technology has been lab-tested to effectively cleanse, enhance and protect dark and dyed colours. From the first wash, it protects new garments from fading and restores the colour of used, dark-colored garments. Your clothes last longer and our landfills get smaller.

Anti Microbial: We know that life needs to be germ-free. The powerful, plant-based antimicrobial ingredients infused in this scientific formulation have been proven to kill 99.99% of germs, keeping your activewear sanitized, clean and germ-free for up to 14 days. It has been proven to kill 99.99% of germs while deep-cleaning garments and home linen, effectively. And, they smell great!

Our Certifications:

All our manufacturing partners are listed on the global ZDHC gateway that ensures all manufacturing discharges do not harm plants or add toxins to the environment in any way.

USDA BioPreferred

Our Brazilian Rosewood and Japanese Cypress fragrance detergents are USDA Certified BioBased Products 72%. This certification measures the percentage of bio-based content using radio-carbon dating analysis.

Footprints Matter

Recyclable Bottles:

Our Bottles are 100% Recyclable & Reusable

Designed for multiple uses - from refilling with our detergents to storing other home essentials, our bottles are made forever and never have to end-up in a landfill. Made from PET, our bottles can be converted to polyester fabric through existing supply chains.

Reduced Carbon Footprint:

Refills that Reduce CO2 Emissions

Designed to contain 70% less plastic than a regular bottle, our refill packs help reduce carbon emissions significantly.

Proud to Be Indian

We are Indian by nature and global in our science.

Conceptualised, created and based in India, a majority of our active ingredients are locally-sourced. Our team of experts however, span the globe.

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