How to set up your cozy corner at home

How to set up your cozy corner at home

A cosy corner at the end of a long day is a great thing to have

Given our erratic work schedules and the hustle-bustle, a cozy corner that welcomes you with open arms at the end of your day can be a great thing to have. You can sip coffee, listen to podcasts, drink a glass of wine peacefully at the end of the week. The list is endless. You can do anything and everything in ‘your’ spot.

Well, if you are wondering how to create this spot at your house, we have got the perfect guide for you. This article will tell you what a cozy corner ideally looks like and how you can build one. Let us get started.

A cozy corner that welcomes you with open arms at the end of the day can be a great thing to have

1. Look for the light

Have you always dreamt of curling up in your cozy corner and tucking into a good book? Or, indulge in quality morning meditation? All you need is good light.

So, find such a spot at home that gets good light based on the time of the day you are most likely to use it. For instance, if you are an early riser and like to spend your mornings alone, find a spot close to a window.

If it is difficult to find spots where you can get direct sunlight, you can also use light which is mild (yellow) and get the same affect anytime of the day.

2. Choose your fabrics well

Just like how the decor of a house changes everything about it, the quality and the style of the fabrics you choose for your cozy corner change the game. We recommend choosing warm shades and textures in the window coverings for the right backdrop. The same idea applies to any other textiles you have/include in your space.

3. Use pillows

Who said that a cozy corner is complete without some pillows? However, you need to draw a line between getting comfortable by padding your corner with pillows and overcrowding the area with them.

Overcrowding such a small space with too many pillows only creates discomfort. Use two or three pillows to find that sweet spot cozy enough alongside being properly functional.

4. Baskets for the win

A tiny cozy space, obviously, does not have all the places to store and sort your blankets, pillows, or other personal accessories. Customize the space by adding some easy-to-move baskets that reflect your style and use them to store all the necessities. What’s better? You can carry the basket that contains everything you need whenever you wish to move into a different spot.

5. Paints & Paintings

Decorate your cozy corner with plants and paintings as they would turn around any dull spot. Buy plants which are easy to maintain and also adds value to the aesthetics of the spot. Paintings on the other hand add a splash of colour and also makes it more personal.

6. Set the mood right with candles

Ah! Who doesn’t love gorgeous smelling candles? It is a must for your own space. Scents can especially be highly effective and make you feel totally transformative. A candle that smells good gives out great vibes and creates a relaxing atmosphere. By arranging for a setup like this, you are creating a personal sanctuary that is guaranteed to keep you peaceful.

7. Finishing with some wallpaper

Use removable wallpaper to customize your personal space in your style. A small space, in fact, allows you to create a statement appearance, all the while being easy on your pocket since fewer walls mean fewer wallpapers to purchase. You can also use luxury materials here.

In conclusion

There you go! You have our top tips for creating a cozy spot.

Setting up your own cozy place at your home is not difficult. It just needs some planning and gathering the materials of your preference. Once you are ready with them, keep our tips and use them to decorate the space as per your liking!

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