Is adding a Fabric Conditioner to your laundry routine really worth it?

Is adding a Fabric Conditioner to your laundry routine really worth it?

Intro 101: Fabric Conditioner

5 more minutes???

Sound familiar? Have you ever snooze-d your alarm and indulged that inner voice requesting for five more minutes of sleep? We definitely have! And snuggling deeper into those soft, cool and fragrant sheets is absolutely worth that rushed breakfast. Would you like to feel like that throughout the day? Soft and snuggly? Well, we’ve got the right magic potion which can transform any garment into your snuggle buddy. What is it? FABRIC CONDITIONER!!

What is a Fabric Conditioner?

Much like you need a conditioner to strengthen your hair after a wash, your garments’ fibers need the extra TLC of a fabric conditioner or fabric softener to nourish them. Unlike your laundry detergent, fabric conditioners don't treat stains, rather they add a protective layer over your garments to make them more resilient to wear and tear. And, like we’ve already mentioned, they make your garments super soft and cozy.

Why should you use a Fabric Conditioner?

1) Reduces wrinkles:

No no, we’re not talking about your lovely face. It’s not actually that magical dear muggle. But, it will save you some time ironing your clothes. Since fabric conditioners strengthen the fibers of your garment’s fabric, they reduce wrinkling and makes it much easier to iron the garments.

2) Shushes static:

Zing!! If you use a fabric conditioner, you will never feel that static current from your clothes ever again. It smoothens the fibers of your garment thereby reducing the friction caused in the rinse cycle.

Is adding a Fabric Conditioner to your laundry routine really worth it

3) Adds life to your clothes:

Round and round. Round and round. Your clothes definitely tumble quite a bit in the washing machine. It’s no wonder they get tangled and pull on each other. Sure, this friction helps your liquid detergent do its job and gets the grease out, but it also causes your garments to lose their shape.

Fabric conditioners reduce the wear and tear, and help them retain their shape for longer by lubricating the fabric’s fibers, to better weather the friction of your washing machine.

Furthermore, Born Good’s Fabric Conditioner even increases the wicking properties of your garments. What’s that? Wicking properties help repel dust and sweat from your garments. This helps you keep your garments away from the washing machine’s wear and tear longer, thereby increasing its overall life span.

 Is adding a Fabric Conditioner to your laundry routine really worth it

4) Softens your garments:

We know, we know! We’ve mentioned that already. But, it definitely warrants repetition. And some explanation too!

How does fabric conditioner soften your clothes?

It de-mineralizes them. Hard water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which settle on your clothes during the wash. Fabric conditioner helps remove some of them.

5) Minimizes bobbles:

Referred to in vernacular as “bur”, bobbles are small balls of loose fiber which surface on your clothes after the friction of the washing machine loosens the tight weave of your garment. Since fabric softener strengthens the fibers of your garments, the chances of “bobbling” are reduced.

When should you add the Fabric Conditioner?

Now that you know the benefits of using fabric conditioners, let’s learn how to use them correctly.

- Don’t add the fabric conditioner at the beginning itself with the liquid detergent. Wait till the rinse cycle to add it, so that it can do its designated job of lubricating and coating the fibers of your garments to protect and nourish them.

- Don’t pour it directly onto the clothes. This can stain them. Dilute it with water or pour via the designated drawer of your washing machine.

Lastly, we recommend opting for plant based natural fabric conditioners, so that the coating doesn’t irritate your skin. You can cart one from Born Good’s catalog! It’s enriched with the goodness of soya bean and RSPO certified palm oil, which not only lubricates your garments to soften their feel but also repels dust and reduces wear and tear.

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