A Guide to Taking care of Your Winter Wear

A Guide to Taking care of Your Winter Wear

A Guide To Taking Care Of Your Winter Wear

Winters are here and we are sure that you feel the chills too. It is time to shake the dust off your favorite winter wear and get your warmest clothes out. This weather creates the urge to bundle up. This also means that your laundry pile also gets a little bigger.

This weather creates the urge to bundle up. This also means that your laundry pile also gets a little bigger.

Are you wondering how to clean and wash winter wear the right way? If yes, keep reading to know how to take care of your winter wardrobe! Let us get started.

Wash hand-knitted sweaters and scarfs with gentle liquid washing detergent

For every 6-8 pieces of clothing, fill your bathroom or kitchen sink with 4 litres of normal water and add a one cupful (~40 mL) of liquid detergent for clothes to the water. Refrain from twisting the sweater as this may hurt the fabric. Simply swish the sweater around. Repeat the procedure until your sweater is thoroughly rinsed and there is no detergent left.

Machine wash your jackets and coats.

Use an eco-friendly detergent to run down your coat in the washer and let it be on the gentle cycle for 30 minutes. Squish all the excess liquid out and dry your coats on a low setting. Here’s a tip: if you want to re-fluff them, you can try adding a few tennis balls into the dryer.

Do not ignore slush and mud stains.

While winters make us lazy and feel lethargic, it is advisable to treat any stains right away. It gets challenging to remove stains if they sit on the clothes for longer periods. Pour a few drops of a plant based liquid detergent over such blemishes and gently rub over them.

This way we can get rid of any dirty particles efficiently. Stains are not attractive and can be one of the biggest turnoffs. Thus, we advise you to treat them as soon as they come to your notice.

Line dry in the winters.

You can suspend your wet clothes over the towel bar or the shower curtain rod in your bathroom. You can also choose any collapsible rack to serve as the line dry. Here’s a bonus: the wet clothes will also help in increasing the moisture content of the dry winter air.

Keep air-dried clothes from getting crunchy.

To keep your clothes from getting crunchy, add half a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle. This keeps your clothes soft and also gets rid of any detergent leftovers. After removing them out of the cycle, hang them to dry. If you still find them rigid, put them in a dryer for 5 minutes with a moderately moist rag. The key point here is to remove your clothes from getting exposed to air as soon as they have dried

Do not iron your winter clothes when dry

Always remember that woollen clothes should not be pressed when they are completely dry. Ironing woollen fabrics when dry does not get rid of deep creases. They also tend to scorch quite easily when exposed to direct, dry heat. We recommend using a steam press and if that is not an available option, you can try drying your woollen clothes with a slightly wet plain white cloth. Place it as a buffer between the iron box and the woollen fabric. This gets rid of the creases and also ensures that your woollen outfits are safe.

Be ready to pull out your winter wear and have a enjoyable festive season!

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