5 appliances that need regular maintenance in your home

5 appliances that need regular maintenance in your home

Let us admit this! All of us have a fear of finding a broken washing machine in the middle of a wash cycle, water flooding all over the laundry room, or having your refrigerator shut down right after you bought fresh groceries. We have all been there!

While the fear is genuine and not wholly unfounded, most people fail to realize that these appliance malfunctions could be avoided by making small changes in your routine. There are some simple maintenance tasks that you can do regularly and with no prior experience to keep your appliances safe and running. For instance, having a functional voltage stabilizer for your appliances which are constantly on , acts protective shield and reduces chances of malfunction.

Having a functioning voltage stabilizer for your appliances which are constantly on, acts as a protective shield and reduced chances of malfunction

In this article, we will talk about five home appliances that need regular attention and maintenance. Let us get started.

Oven & Stove

Your oven and stove form one of the most essential elements in your kitchen. Thus, you need to see that they are taken care of regularly.

Here are some things you can do to keep them up and running all the time.

First, see that the oven is properly sealed. If it is not sealed correctly, the oven tends to lose more than 20 percent of the heat. As a result of this heat escape, the oven takes longer to cook the food. You may also find the food to be unevenly cooked. To make sure that your oven is appropriately sealed, open the door and move your hand around the fiberglass gasket found around the perimeter of the door. If you feel any breakage or deformed areas, replace the seal.

Next, remember to remove the drip bowls from under the burners and soak them in a cleaning solution for about five minutes before you


Did you know that dirt, pet hair, and dust can clog your refrigerator’s coils? Yes, that’s right. When they clog the coils, the airflow is restricted and causes the refrigerator to spend more energy keeping the machine cool.

It is best to use a handheld vacuum to clean the coils and suck up any loose particles lying there.

Also, remember to change your refrigerator water filters regularly as those that do not remove impurities and contaminants tend to expose you and your family to harmful water. The procedure for changing these filters varies between different brands, and you need to refer to the instruction manual for more details.


Make it a point to use a dedicated repair kit and a sealant to see that the rust on your dishwasher racks does not ruin your dishes or silverware. Adhere to the replacement tips offered by the manufacturer to get rid of chipped and rusty tines.

Ensure that you wait for at least 24 hours before you start using the dishwasher.

Drier Exhaust

The lint stuck in your dryer exhaust is not only responsible for reducing the efficiency of the appliance but also poses a fire hazard. You can clean the exhaust by removing the large clumps of lint from the hole and tubing with your hands.

In case you cannot reach there, take a straightened coat hanger and scrape the back gently. Now, vacuum the area and reattach the parts in place.

Air Conditioner

Dirty filters in your air conditioners can restrict the airflow and also reduce the energy efficiency of the appliance. Thus, it is crucial to clean the filters once every two weeks. Remove the front panel of the appliance and vacuum it as much as possible to remove the dirt and put them back inside.

If your air conditioners use disposable air filters, you can simply replace them.

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