Ways To Keep Your Laundry Smelling Fresh

Ways To Keep Your Laundry Smelling Fresh

Keeping Your Laundry Smelling Fresh In 6 Easy Steps

It is nice to see a neatly organised wardrobe of clothes, but it is nicer to have them smelling fresh and clean. Don’t you agree? Have you ever wondered about how you could make your clothes smell lovely? This is particularly more relevant during the rainy and winter seasons when closets end up having stale and damp clothes together, worsening the situation even more.

Keeping that funky smell away from your clothes is very easy.

It is certainly possible for others to sense the foul smell of your clothes when you wear them and go out. Are you wondering about how to keep those frowning faces away? We have curated a brief list of tips and tricks which you can implement right away to have fresh clothes round the clock!

Tip #1: Fabric Wrapper Soaps

It is a known fact that soap bars bring great amounts of aroma into the space when they are tucked in locked spaces. Whether it is a closet drawer or a closet shelf, you can enjoy the lovely scents quite well. As a matter of fact, strongly scented soaps are used by many people to make their clothes smell fragrant and fresh after running them in a wash cycle with mild clothes washing liquid.

Tip #2: Use A Fragrant Detergent

One of the best ways to make your clothes feel fresh and smell good is by using a fragrant detergent. Keep ordinary soap away.

Tip #3: Linen Sprays

Another fun yet effective way to make clothes smell super good is by using a linen spray. It is an easy way to add scents to your linens and clothes. All you need to do is decide on the fragrance of the essential oil and get a spray of the same to enjoy beautifully smelling clothes.

Tip #4: Leave The Closet Door Open

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes, leaving the closet door open (especially in seasons like monsoons and winters) helps in easing out any kind of unpleasant odours. As always, give your clothes a nice wash in the washing machine with a gentle and effective laundry liquid detergent and air dry them (preferably). Hang the damp ones up inside an open closet

Tip #5: Perfumed Sachets To The Rescue

Mildly perfumed sachets like lavender flavoured ones are acceptable when it comes to keeping clothes fresh. They add mild and calming scents to your clothes. However, strongly scented sachets or the overly perfumed ones are a big no!

Tip #6: Coffee Beans

Oh yes! Coffee grounds are capable of absorbing all the foul odours in the area surrounding them. Thus, if you wish to get rid of any stinky smells in your clothes, place a can of these beans in the closet and wait for the smell to be gone. Oh, and do not forget to poke some holes in the container having those beans and close the lid. Place it on the bottom rack of your wardrobe and do not forget to replace from time to time

Closing Thoughts

Nobody likes to wear smelly clothes and miss out on staying spic and span. This is why, taking the right care of clothes and keeping them fresh is important. Use our tips to have a wardrobe full of fresh and clean clothes!

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