Traditional toilet bowl cleaners vs Born Good Plant-based toilet bowl cleaner

Traditional toilet bowl cleaners vs Born Good Plant-based toilet bowl cleaner

Are you sitting on chemicals?

How many of us are guilty of plonking on the potty for an extra 10 minutes to scroll through the latest updates on the ‘Gram? Well, we’re definitely not the digital well-being police (since you probably found us through Instagram!), but we’re committed to germ fighting. 

With COVID-19 we’ve become more aware and afraid of the germs around us. However, it has also pushed many of us down an erroneous path. We’ve begun to think that germs need to be fought with the strongest cleaning products in the market, and have equated strength to chemicals! We’re here to tell you why that “best toilet cleaner” loaded with chemicals is a blunder.. for your bum." 

Three reasons why traditional toilet bowl cleaner liquids are an absolute no-no:

1) Exposure to fumes

You may be thinking that a little bit of chemical won’t harm you. Just a smidge to slay those germs should be okay? Right? Um, wrong! Ever wondered why you can’t stand, literally, to clean your toilets? It’s because your toilet cleaner emits fumes, which make it tough to breathe in your small, badly ventilated, probably windowless bathroom.

Loaded with corrosive chemicals, like Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), conventional toilet bowl cleaners aren’t just killing germs. Exposure to the fumes they emit, even for short bursts of 10-15 minutes, cause long-term respiratory problems including asthma and bronchitis, pulmonary edema, nasal ulceration, bluish discoloration of lips and kidney damage, according to the Indian Medical Academy.

Traditional toilet bowl cleaners vs Born Good Plant-based toilet bowl cleaner

2) No precaution is enough

Unfortunately, when it comes to chemical cleaning products, even rubber gloves or washing your hands after handling the products aren’t precaution enough.

You can easily splash product into your eyes or other parts of your body while uncapping the toilet bowl cleaner liquid. Furthermore, the chemical residue left on your hands could also transfer to everything you touch— your pet, baby or favourite slice of pepperoni pizza!

3) Environmental Pollution

Sometimes environmental pollution feels like an external problem. We may associate it with industrial effluents poisoning rivers or with corrupt governments culling trees to build high-rises.

However, we forget that the natural resources in our immediate vicinity, our indoor air for example, also constitute the environment. While we’ve already explained the immediate and often temporary impact of chemical cleaners on our health, there’s a scary and lingering impact too.

Ever heard of Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)? Commonly found in paints, pharmaceutical products and cleaning supplies — especially those which contain bleach— VOCs like lead are highly toxic. They remain suspended in the air, impacting the quality of the air we breathe, long after the product has been used already. Since we don’t often keep our windows open, to keep the heat and dust at bay, we end up breathing these VOCs in!

Pro tip: Steer clear of automatic-reservoir type toilet cleaners. Studies have found higher traces of VOCs in them than regular toilet bowl cleaners.

Furthermore, the chemical residue left behind in the packaging interacts with other chemicals in our trash adding to the chemical cocktail brewing in our homes. This could also potentially harm your pets, who mistake these bottles in the trash for toys.


If we’ve scared you a bit, we’re sorry! But, it was necessary. As much as we would like to write about the Monica-like joys of cleaning, there are many hazards associated with it. Here’s how you can avoid them:

- Switch to Born Good’s non-toxic, plant-based, biodegradable eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner. It’s safe for you, your pet and baby.

- It also keeps your indoor air fresh and fragrant. It’s arguably the true best toilet cleaner in India because it is enriched with the scents of lilies. Our toilet bowl cleaner will ironically transport you to the mountain tops.

- Since it is eco-friendly and chemical free, there are zero chances of causing “oops-reactions” by mixing it with unknown chemicals around the house.

- It’s versatile. You can use Born Good’s toilet bowl cleaner to clean your bathroom tiles. Just squirt the product directly on the tiles or stains and wipe clean with a wet sponge/ rinse with water.

So, what are you waiting for? We’ve given you reasons aplenty to ditch the chemicals and embrace the plant-based magic of natural home cleaners. Switch to a safer cleaning experience with Born Good. You can check out our range here.

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