3 tips on how to make your marble shine

3 tips on how to make your marble shine

Is your marble yellow?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,

who is the fairest of them all?”

Not your marble floors for sure!

We know they’re not competing with Snow White, but yellow is definitely not their colour. If you don’t like those tacky yellow stains smearing the elegance of your marble floors or tiles, read on to find out how to bring their shine and sparkle back.

1) Bake the stains with some soda:

Natural marble is extremely porous. So, don’t be lazy about cleaning up coffee or curry spills.

However, if you’ve snoozed on mopping up those spills, then we’ve got a magic cleaning paste for you. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with two tablespoons of water to make a paste. Gently rub the paste over the stain with the help of a soft bristle brush. Let it coat the stain for at least two-three hours, or leave it overnight.

The baking soda draws out the grease from the floor. Scrape the coating off the next morning. For optimum results follow the stain removal with a “potent-pocha” using the special cleaning mix below.

2) Mop with a special mix: dishwashing liquid & baking soda:

Yes, you read it right. This “potent-pocha” uses dishwashing liquid instead of floor cleaner liquid. In a bucket of warm water mix two teaspoons of baking soda with dishwashing liquid. Mop your marble floors with this mixture. Remove the leftover residue by mopping the floor again with clean water. We recommend doing this twice a week, to maintain the shine of your marble floors.

Don’t ruin all your hard work by mopping the floors with a traditional chemical floor cleaner liquid on the other days. The acids and bleaches in the traditional cleaners can re-stain your marble by reacting with the iron in your marble floors. Switch to a plant-based marble friendly floor and bathroom cleaner instead. They leave behind no residue, and don’t leech into your marble to cause discolouration.

3) Buff with chalk for that extra shine:

3 tips on how to make your marble shine

Time for a quick geography lesson. Do you remember studying that chapter on rocks? No? That’s alright. We revised it for you. Marble is a metamorphic rock, made up of carbonates like limestone. In simple terms, this means that marble is made up of many interlocked and crystalized carbonates. Chalk isn’t just for blackboards. It’s an easily available limestone carbonate. Hence, if you buff your marble floors with powdered chalk, with a damp sponge or microfiber cloth, it essentially replenishes your marble with its source material.

Pro tip: For those stubborn scuff marks, gently rub some mild detergent and water mix with the help of a felt pad or tennis ball.

If you’ve given these tricks a try, and have sparkling floors winking back at you, remember that maintenance is key. Here are a few ways in which you can protect your marble from future stains, and keep the dullness at bay.

1. Steer clear of acid-based cleaning agents. They penetrate the surface sealants of your marble, exposing the iron within to the elements and quickening their oxidation. We suggest you cart some of Born Good’s eco-friendly cleaning products such as our floor cleaner liquid, dishwashing liquid gel and liquid detergent. All of them are safe for your marble floors and tiles.

3 tips on how to make your marble shine

2. Bid bye-bye to bleach. Unless, you’re okay with yellow marble floors.

3. Be soft with your stone. Though it looks tough and durable, your marble floors are sensitive and susceptible to minor scratches. Opt to use soft mops and brooms while cleaning your floors.

4. Don’t leave it damp. Water isn’t harmless! Leaving your marble floors damp after cleaning for a long time can damage them. Make sure to take the time to mop your floors with a dry cloth to absorb remnant water.

5. Get some rugs. While it’s definitely a shame to cover those beautiful floors with mats, carpets or rugs, covering the busy areas which experience a ton of foot traffic will protect your floors in the long run. So give your decor diva free rein?

Let us know if these tips helped make your marble floors spiffy again, or if we missed any natural home remedies. We’re cleaning enthusiasts, always on the lookout for new nuskhe.


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