5 things to know before you get your first dog

5 things to know before you get your first dog

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Woof! Woof!

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of your best bud greeting you at the door. If you’ve been dreaming of getting a dog all your life, and are thinking of making that a reality.. Well, CONGRATULATIONS!! There’s absolutely nothing which beats their unconditional and pure love. However, while dogs bring a lot of positive energy into the home, as a newbie pa(w)rent, you need to answer some important questions.

1) Are you ready for a dog?

Taking care of a dog is a full-time job. While cuddles and kisses are immeasurable perks, you need to introspect on your commitment levels before you add another member to your family. Will you have the time to raise your dog? To play fetch with him? Walk him? After every meal, and maybe more so that he can scout out the neighbourhood cats?

2) Is your wallet "dog-friendly"?

You no longer have to pine for your friend’s puppies, but you definitely have to pay for them! This new member of the family does not pay for itself and will live rent free in your home and heart. Raising a dog is definitely expensive. You have to account for grooming, training, veterinarian visits, toys, accessories— collars, coats and leashes—and food. And also save up for those “whoops” moments, when your dog decides to chew on furniture, destroy your cushions and pee on carpets. Trust us, your dog is a proxy sales executive for your dry cleaner.. and us too! All those bed sheets and shirts they’ve muddied need the TLC our liquid detergents can give.

3) What's your canine match?

Adopt, don’t shop! There are lots of lovely dogs waiting for a forever home at your local animal shelters and rescue groups. However, make an informed decision about your future dog. Don’t get swayed by the cutest snouts at the shelter. Take a call according to your personality, lifestyle and living space. Are you an active person? If so, opt to adopt an energetic dog to match your energy levels. If you’re living in an apartment, go for a midsize or small dog, so that s/he isn’t hemmed in by the space.

Pro tip: Check for allergies. Spend time with your friend’s dog or foster a dog to make sure you or your family members aren’t allergic to their fur

4) What do you need to stock up on?

Dirt! Um, no you don’t need to stock up on it. Your dog will carry it in after every walk. Mud, poop, fleas, ticks and all kinds of muck. Let’s not forget all that shed fur. So stock up on cleaning supplies! Floor cleaners are an absolute must have. Opt for our plant based pet friendly floor cleaners. Why? Well, pets tend to lounge on the floor, especially during the summer to keep their bodies cool. If you use regular cleaners, the chemical residue left behind after mopping will transfer directly onto your dog’s skin causing rashes.

5 things to know before you get your first dog

We’re assuming that you’re an animal lover. Obviously! You want to get yourself a furry friend. Then you should definitely switch to eco-friendly cleaning products. Apart from plant based floor cleaners, consider purchasing plant based dishwashing gel, hand wash and detergent so that all the waste water flushed down the drain from your homes is not toxic to aquatic animals.

5 things to know before you get your first dog 

5) Is your home "dog-proof"?

Almost everything is a toy for your dog! And, mundane everyday items—like chocolate— can be toxic to them. So unless you want to indulge in a tug-of-war to save your socks, or panic call your veterinarian every other day, you need to “dog-proof” your home. Empty your bottom draws and cabinets of potentially toxic food and cleaning supplies. Make sure there are no hanging wires for them to chew on. Open dustbins are an absolute no-no. They go looking for treasure in the trash, so make sure to replace them with bins which have lids on them.

Pro tip: Invest in throws and sofa covers. No matter how well trained your dog is, even they have rebellious days. Lounging on the sofa is an easy tantrum.

5 things to consider before getting a dog

Are you ready to be a pa(w)rent? It’s alright to be nervous. You will have to trudge your personal learning curve. But, the journey is worth it. And, you have us on your side too! Let’s raise a healthy pet together. We’ve engineered a range of environmentally conscious cleaning supplies which are non-toxic and absolutely safe for your pets. Go ahead and cart our pet friendly floor cleaners and dishwashing gel right away.

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