Why your next purchase should be a concentrated cleaner

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Why your next purchase should be a concentrated cleaner

Clean more with less

Do you clean and declutter your house regularly? Have you ever calculated your monthly spending on home cleaners? You may not have realized how much extra money you end up paying for the ingredient that is freely available in most of our houses, which most cleaners are primarily made up of! Can you guess the ingredient?

Yes, you guessed it, right! It’s “water”! Most cleaners are made up of almost 80% of water! So, why should we pay so much extra money for water? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The solution is to switch to concentrated cleaners. Have you heard of them? Read on to find out.


Concentrated Cleaners

Concentrated cleaners contain a high amount of active ingredients which can be used after diluting with water or are to be used only in small quantities. If you are looking for eco-friendly, pet and kid-friendly cleaners, then Born Good’s concentrated cleaners, are perfect for you as they are 100% non-toxic and completely plant-based. Plus, we deliver concentrated cleaners in glass bottles, which means they are reusable as well as come in plastic-free packaging. Thus, you can dilute it and make your own natural home cleaner.

Why should you choose concentrated cleaners?

1) Budget-friendly

The most apparent and immediate advantage!

You might save a sizable sum of money by using fewer cleaners and less frequently. Concentrate cleaners are budget-friendly. Let us take an example of washing-machine detergent and do a comparison.

An ordinary washing machine detergent costs around ₹220 for 1 litre. You have to use approx 60 ml liquid in one wash which will be sufficient for 6-8 kgs, which means it costs you ₹13.2 per load of laundry. You can use a 1 L bottle approximately 17 times.

On the other hand, Born Good concentrated liquid laundry detergent will cost you ₹ 899 for 1 litre. But, only 10 ml of detergent is required for one load, which means 100 loads from a single 1 L bottle. So, on average washing 1 load with our concentrated detergent will cost you nearly ₹9 and ₹13.2 for ordinary detergents.


2) Less plastic consumed

Concentrated cleaners come in minimal packaging. Additionally, if you choose Born Good’s concentrated cleaners, you receive the cleaner in glass bottles as opposed to plastic bottles. You can reuse or upcycle those glass containers for other purposes such as decoration or storing small items.

3) Lower carbon footprints

We've all heard of this concept but what exactly is 'carbon footprint'?

It's the total amount of greenhouse gasses, including carbon dioxide and methane, that is produced as a result of our actions. And of course we want this number to be as low as possible

Our concentrated cleaners contain less water and therefore weigh less. They come in smaller packaging and use less energy when they are to be shipped. Lesser energy consumed equals to a lower carbon footprint! 

4) Clean more with less

The idea that "more is better" is prevalent in our culture, however, when it comes to concentrated items, less is actually more, especially for the environment.

In contrast to normal detergents, which require 60 ml for the same load, Born Good concentrated detergent cleans an average of 6–8 kg of clothing with just 10 ml!

How do concentrated cleaners work?

Concentrated cleaners come in two forms: those that are ready to use and those that need to be diluted. Our concentrated laundry detergent can be used directly whereas our concentrated floor cleaner needs to be diluted with water, before use.


Step 1: Pour the concentrated cleaner into the empty reusable bottle.

Step 2: Pour the drinking water into the reusable bottle.

Step 3: Now, your natural home cleaners are ready to use!

How can you as a consumer be assured that you are using safe cleaners?

With Born Good you need not worry!

Your cleaning journey will not be a mess if you carefully follow the dosing directions and thoroughly swirl the mixture before use.

We have mentioned all the key ingredients on the packaging. Moreover, we went the extra mile by adding a scannable QR Code on the labels which leads you to the detailed ingredient list on our website. Before buying any cleaner, we would always recommend going over these so you know what you're buying and putting into your homes. Choose to purchase in modest amounts at first so you can try the product before committing to it.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to grab our concentrated cleaners right now. Try our household cleaners once and we assure you that you will not be looking at those chemical-loaded cleaners ever again!

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