The Importance Of Separating Laundry

The Importance Of Separating Laundry

Separating Your Laundry Is Easy & Beneficial

Did you ever add your white tee to a load of bright, coloured clothes by mistake? Did your heart shatter after seeing it turn into a whole different shade of colour? Yes, that is precisely why you must sort your laundry before mixing them in the washing machine.

You could have avoided the problem if you had spared a few minutes to separate your clothes. Sorting decreases the likelihood of a coloured garment bleeding over the others in cases where you control the temperature of washing.

Sparing a few minutes to sort your clothes goes a long way in preventing bleeding and other damages to your clothes.

Another key reason why clothes need to be sorted before doing your laundry is that you get to utilize different kinds of wash cycles like normal, delicate, etc., as per the requirement. Different settings in your washing machine wash clothes in their respective ways. There is variation in the time and temperature used to wash your clothes.

Do not worry if you are not sure about how to do it. We are here with a concise guide on how to do it and give you all the confidence needed! Let us get started.

Sorting: By Colour

It is wise to separate your light coloured clothes from the dark/medium coloured ones as there are high chances of the latter bleeding on the former. Clothes that are being washed for the first time, like new jackets and sweaters, should be washed separately using a gentle laundry liquid detergent.

If it is your first time doing laundry, here’s a pro tip for you: The next time you wash clothes, add a color-absorbing cloth in the load that will absorb some of the dye released into the water.

Sorting: By Fabric

It is a known fact that fabrics vary in weight, texture and colour. This could prove harmful if you lump them all together. Rougher fabrics and textures can damage the delicate ones like tee shirts with buttons or zips.

In fact, different fabrics also have different drying periods. Lighter ones, obviously, dry up quickly and heavier ones take time. If left in the sun longer than required, the light-weight clothes can get over-dried. On the contrary, shortening the drying time of heavier clothes can leave them feeling damp and this can cause an odour to them which is why sorting them out is important

Sorting: By Level Of Usage

Adding the pajamas you wear at night and the formal wear you wear at the office in the same wash load might seem convenient but it can be damaging to your clothes. Workwear is dirtier compared to nightwear and they need a much more intense cycle to get rid of the accumulated dirt/stains. By adding the delicate clothes to the heavy cycle with a clothes washing liquid, you are risking damage to the clothes that do not need such intense cycles.

Summing Up

It is, thus, crucial to separate your laundry before initiating the wash cycles. Remember to sort the clothes based on colour, fabric texture and level of usage to have a seamless and effective wash cycle. All you need to do is add a gentle washing liquid for clothes in india along with the wash load and input the appropriate settings, so your clothes are fresh and clean!

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