How to give safe and sustainable gifts this Christmas?

How to give safe and sustainable gifts this Christmas?

Can our Christmas gifts contribute to a better, more sustainable lifestyle?

Every year we give our loved ones presents and it is time that those presents are more thoughtful. Not only for them but also for our own future.


When it comes to Christmas, we all look forward eagerly to the arrival of a new year. We celebrate the last holiday of the year by meeting old friends, making and sharing good food, and above all leaving that little gift underneath the Christmas tree for our loved ones. But is the last week of the year really the best time for sustainability? Why not?

The festive season should be a cause for concern due to growing environmental degradation and climate change. Speaking about environmental degradation, it is estimated that nearly 40 million dollars worth of Christmas gifts are wasted every year and this is in the United States alone. If we talk about India, then in addition to land waste there is also the emissions of toxins from crackers during Diwali which carries on to create smog during the foggy nights of Christmas.

But can we do anything about it? Do we have to give up on gifts and all the things which we were told as kids were fun? Perhaps not.

While it is certainly important to be a bit more cautious than before and act responsibly, we can define fun in our own terms…and that doesn’t always have to result in waste generation or toxin release.

One of the best ways to give sustainable gifts is by re-thinking our gifting strategy.

Let’s be a little honest here: sometimes we tend to give people things that they don’t really want but nevertheless appreciate it because they love us.

So, how about we try to be a bit more thoughtful? Here are a few ways in which we can gift more thought, sustainable Christmas presents to our loved ones:

Make something

Yes, we are all busy with our work, assignments, and the little thing called Life. But what if this Christmas we spend some time creating a little something for our loved one? It can be anything, but try to make it out of the things that you are throwing away. Maybe a train ticket, an old box, a broken bottle. You can recycle these things into multiple wonderful gifts. For example, the broken bottle can very well be a small pot with a little plant. Or the old box can be a handmade time-capsule where you and your best friend store your favourite things.

Eco-friendly home cleaners

Small steps can make a big difference and by giving someone eco-friendly home cleaners, you might just lead the way towards developing a more sustainable habit. Unlike traditional liquid and powder detergents that can be pretty harsh, eco-friendly home cleaners are often made from natural ingredients. They can also be plant-based and leave behind no toxic chemicals, zero toxins and fewer carbon emissions

Looking for a place to get the perfect eco-friendly home cleaners? Look no further that the Sustainable Christmas Gift Box (set of 5) from Born Good!


Opt for second-hand items

It is high time that we let go of the notion that second-hand gifts are not “that good”. Truth is there are several emerging brands who recycle old clothes and rebrand them to make them appear as good as the new ones. If your loved one likes to dress up, head out to your nearest thrift store. These stores not only have good clothes but also some vintage collections that are available at a minimum price. You not only save money but also prevent yet another fabric from ending up in a landfill.

Try to offer reusable Christmas decorations

Most of us struggle with trying to figure out what kind of gifts to offer. We end up in a crowded market at the last moment, and pick out gifts that are either overly priced or simply will be of no use to the person we are giving it to. Maybe instead of picking out gifts every year, we could offer to help out with Christmas decorations. Take out all the things that you used for your decorations and spend the day decorating the tree and the rooms at your loved one’s place. You can also carry some cookies, just for fun!

Wrap the gifts in reusable paper

Now that you know what kind of gift you want to give to your loved one, try to wrap them on your own. We throw out so much plastic and paper everyday, but why not get creative with them? For example, paint that morning newspaper in bright blue and red and use it as a wrapping paper for your gifts. Trust me, this not only meets your sustainability goals but also shows how much you care to put in that kind of effort.

Christmas is a wonderful time! After spending all the ups and downs, the losses and gains, and the laughter, we try to find that one day of peace and joy in the last weeks of the year. It doesn’t have to be at the cost of causing harm to the environment, in fact a sustainable Christmas only adds up to all the joy that we are seeking. Gift your loved one something they will want to keep. Try to show love through actions and not through expensive gifts. In the end, Santa might just leave you a little surprise, who knows!

What about a gift that will stay with you long after the festive season is over? We bring to you The Sustainable Christmas Gift Box (set of 5) from Born Good - a pack of eco-friendly products for the wellness of your home. Let this Christmas be about happiness, love, and one more step towards reducing your carbon footprint - making our planet cleaner and healthier!


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