Performance Detergents The Next Big Thing in Laundry

At Born Good We Believe That No Two Articles of Clothing Are Similar

While traditional detergents do a good job of removing stains, that’s where their benefit ends. These detergents have not kept up with the numerous ways in which we need to take care of today’s wardrobe.

At Born Good, we’ve realised that each item of clothing needs it’s own unique care and that’s why we have launched our plant based range of performance detergents.

Every product we create is rooted in bio-based ingredients that are chosen for their plant-sourced goodness, and formulated with eco-conscious science.

Born Good has released India’s first range of performance detergents. At their core, these products are detergents in that they work with front and top load machines and can be used for hand wash.

They are formulated using plant based ingredients and lab tested to remove the toughest stains. They contain contemporary fragrances that are mild yet long lasting.

Traditional Value, With Additional Benefits

With constantly evolving fashion, our garments are increasingly made of distinct fabrics that need special care.

With constantly evolving fashion, our garments are increasingly made of distinct fabrics that need special care. Traditional washing machine liquids contain harsh, synthetic ingredients that are not gentle on your clothes. These detergents have pH levels that are usually greater than 7 rendering them alkali in nature and making them a catalyst in the fading of coloured garments.

Born Good’s Shade Revive performance detergent was formulated specifically to restore the colour in dark and faded garments and prevent new garments from fading. While formulated for solid, dark clothes and linen, it can be used on all linen, clothes and towels.

People of all ages have started embracing an active life which is a great thing. Traditional detergents however have not been able to keep up with daily care of active wear clothing that contains odour causing organisms. Born Good’s Anti Microbial detergent was specifically created for people with an active life. It has ingredients that kill the odour causing organisms and makes your clothes look and feel fresher.

The All Round Performance Detergent

At Born good our performance detergents are not limited only to the restoration of clothes and repelling odour; the additive detergent variants offered work well on clothes fabricated with different materials, ranging from towels all the way to linen. With our plant based product range watch as your clothes are brought back to life, only this time, they are Born Good.

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