Maintaining A Home While Having A Furry Friend

Maintaining A Home While Having A Furry Friend

Sharing your home with a furry friend is a special kind of joy. Your companion is an important part of your life and routine, and you are willing to overlook the messy house, the smell and even the fur all over your couch. But what if we told you you didn’t have to anymore?

Read on for tips to maintain a clean home while keeping your pet and yourself happy!

None of these require any considerable effort on your part, nor do you have to spend hours meticulously scrubbing your house clean. Let’s dive right in!

Steps To Maintaining Your Home

Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner

A pet appropriate vacuum cleaner is a one time investment. It will help you pick up those pesky hairs and easily get rid of odour. It is important that you keep in mind the flooring of your house as well as the material of your upholstery. Make sure to regularly clean out the filter to avoid clogging the vacuum cleaner with pet hair and dirt. Cleaning out the filter regularly helps you get rid of the odour as well, avoiding its spread when you vacuum. Make sure the cleaner has good suction and brush action.

Select your Fabrics Carefully

Damaged carpets, a furry couch, and the persistent hair on carpets are a common sight in your home with your furry companion. The key to avoiding these is to pick out materials that are resistant and sturdy. Indoor and outdoor rugs should be hosed down regularly. Choose stain-resistant fabrics in places like the living room. They are easy to clean and can help you get rid of those muddy paws on your couch, or hair shedding over the rugs. You can also opt for skid-resistant bathroom mats to make bath time easier and leave your furry friend feeling more secure.

Regular Baths

Establishing a grooming routine helps avoid dirty houses. You can’t use pet shampoo daily, but a quick bath with water and drying immediately after helps you get rid of dirt. Have your dog’s fur groomed regularly as well, including either trimming or de-shedding them with the help of a professional. Also keep their nails trimmed to avoid scratch marks on your leather and wooden floors. You can use a damp towel or pet wipes designed for the purpose between baths to do a quick wipe down and avoid odours and dirt.

Manage Odour

You might be hesitant to use regular sprays and candles if your furry companion is sensitive to the smells. You can, however, use products like beeswax and essential oils to get rid of the smell. Charcoal is a great option to absorb odours and keep the home smelling fresh without affecting the sensitive nose of your furry friend. If you do not want to go out and purchase a load of cleaning products, you can opt for simple solutions like baking sodas or vinegar. Leave baking soda in offending areas or sprinkle it over rugs and carpets before vacuuming. Vinegar can be used when washing toys and beds to get rid of odour.

Wash Bedding and Toys Regularly

Have the toys corralled together to keep your house looking neat, and wash the chew toys and the bedding regularly to avoid odours spreading through the house. Check the toys for wear and tear and get rid of the ones that are worn out.

With these simple steps, you can spend time with your furry friends without worrying about how the house looks or smells. Live healthier and happier with your pets as you promote a hygienic environment!

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