Cleaning your bathroom: 4 spots you're missing

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Cleaning your bathroom: 4 spots you're missing

Eco Friendly Bathroom Cleaning

Your bathroom is your sanctuary, where you wash your hair when your head isn't clear. You know what we mean if you are a bathroom singer or dancer (or an overthinker. One must clean this religiously or it becomes a breeding ground for infectious germs and bacteria. If you had a microscopic vision of what lived on your surfaces, your skin might crawl!

According to experts, the life span of these nasty germs varies depending on the bacteria and the surface. E.coli (Intestinal bacteria) can live up to a day. In comparison, calicivirus (stomach flu) can survive up to weeks.

We all think we are doing a fabulous job at cleaning until we are done, only to realize we have missed out on some important spots. Just like cleaning dishes! (There is always 1 spoon or cup left behind.)

Cleaning our bathrooms is not a chore we look forward to, especially when we have just two days to relax and twenty thousand errands to run. So, to help you efficiently clean your washroom and save time, we rounded up tips from experts and prepared a list of four important spots you should keep in mind for your next scrubbing session.

1) Drain Cover

Ever wondered where those fruit flies are coming from? Just because you cannot see the inside of your drain does not mean the gunk or yucky ball of hair does not exist. Residue of body cleaning products and washed-off bacteria gets collected inside your drain, which can build up and release mildew spores or lure pests that breed in still water.

Unless your drain gets clogged often, you should clean it every 30 days or so as a preventive measure. The best way to clean is to remove the drain stopper and wash it using an effective yet plant-based floor cleaner. Once it is squeaky clean, take your used toothbrush and scrub in and around the drain. The minute bristles will help clean away the dirt and debris efficiently.

Then, pour a mixture of drain cleaner. If you don't have one handy, you can DIY using kitchen-based products. You will need the following:

  • ½ cup of baking soda
  • ½ cup of white vinegar
  • A jug full of boiling water.

Pour the baking soda and white vinegar down the open drain one by one. Cover the drain and wait for it to work like a charm. After 15-20 minutes, pour the boiling water to clear the mixture.

Pro Tip: Do this process after thoroughly cleaning the bathroom.

2) Curtains and Shower Heads

We don't know about you but touching a dirty curtain, faucet, or shower head is a nightmare for us. If you see the bottom of your curtains or shower heads, it is usually lined with a black mouldy substance, to say the least. This happens because the material collects and absorbs the water, leading to mould and discolouration from minerals in tap water.

Washing your shower curtains can be a task, so we suggest spritzing it once a week using a tap cleaner spray or a mixture of water and tap cleaning liquid. You can either spread the curtain out to let it air dry or use a microfiber towel to swipe it yourself.

Invest in a quality tap and shower cleaner to get rid of gunk around your shower head. Check out our plant-based bathroom tap and shower cleaner for one swipe cleaning. It easily gets rid of harmful bacteria & other mineral deposits. Also, comes with a goodness of natural ingredients and leaves behind only a sweet fragrance, no toxicity!

3) Taps and faucets

Your bathroom taps and faucets are the most used and touched surface. Which means it is also heavily ladened with dirt, grim, and soap residue. Mineral deposits such as limescale will build up inside your faucet's spout, especially if you have hard water. Depending on the type of faucet, if left unchecked for a long time, these build-ups can clog the aerator and affect water pressure.

If scrubbing sounds painful, opt for our easy and readily available solution. Born Good's tap and shower cleaner is a powerful natural surfactant that removes water stains, limescale & other minerals deposits, and soap residue in minutes. A tap cleaner spray also does the job well.

4) Furniture & Ceilings

Look up while taking a shower or a dump, and you will find some damp ceiling corners. These can attract bacteria, germs, pests, name it! Over time you will see those pesky black dots turn into patches, and soon your whole ceiling will be covered. Ugh, a horror show!

Experts recommend cleaning the bathroom walls, ceilings, furniture, and mirror every alternate week. We suggest doing it far more often if you stay in a humid climate. You can use the same tap and shower cleaner or regular floor cleaners to clean the walls. While you’re at it, clean those exhaust fan vents as well. The grease is hard to get rid of, once accumulated.

We love cleaning, and therefore all our products are made keeping two things in mind: Environment and Budget. This means we not only make plant-based products that are safe for your kids and pets, but we also try to make them multipurpose. So you can avoid running around buying different solutions for different problems. This way, you save money, space, and the climate. Visit for more such premium cleaning solutions.

We hope this blog was helpful and gave you insightful tips on cleaning your bathroom. Happy scrubbing!

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