How To Make Your Laundry More Skin-Safe

How To Make Your Laundry More Skin-Safe

Your Detergent Can Impact The Health Of Your Skin

A good detergent has multiple features: it cleans your clothes, is safe for your skin and is eco-friendly. Plant-based formulations of bio-based liquid laundry detergents are tough on stains, easy on clothes and safe for the skin. The rinse water that is drained from the washing machine does not pollute the water bodies that it ends up in.

Your skin stays in continuous contact with your clothes and the detergent you use to wash your clothes plays a significant role in determining the health of your skin.

Bio-based detergents help keep your skin soft and beautiful. If you have sensitive or allergy prone skin, consider switching to a plant based laundry detergent.

Plant-based detergents

Traditional detergents contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to sensitive and allergy prone skin. A gentle washing liquid detergent consisting of plant-based ingredients not only deep cleans your clothes, it also takes care of your skin. It is an excellent alternative to petroleum-based detergents.

The disadvantage of using a detergent that contains phosphates is that they eventually make their way to a natural water body. While phosphates have low toxicity, they cause nutrient pollution and affect aquatic life.

Parabens can trigger irritation and allergic reactions in the skin, especially to sensitive, damaged, or broken skin. Studies show that parabens can be especially inflammatory to those with pre-existing conditions of psoriasis, eczema, or a pattern of contact dermatitis.

The highest risk of using products with SLS and SLES (Sulfates) is irritation to your eyes, skin, mouth, and lungs. For people with sensitive skin, sulfates may also clog pores and cause acne.

Plant-based detergents use bio enzymes, naturally fermented surfactants, natural antiseptics, natural germicides like coconut extract and organic acid buffers like citric acid.

These ingredients are safe and harmless for baby skin and sensitive skin and all skin types. As most of the ingredients are sourced from plants and minerals, plant-based detergents are the best option for baby clothes and are an excellent option for our environment as well.

If you want to keep your laundry skin safe and harmless, Choose your detergent wisely. Opt for plant-based and certified detergents over traditional (synthetic) options. They are gentle on your skin and gentle on our planet.

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