How to Make Your Clothes Stay Colourful For Longer

How to Make Your Clothes Stay Colourful For Longer

Easy Ways To Make Your Clothes Look Like New For Longer

Bright and colourful clothes add grace and style to the personality of an individual. However, even branded clothes tend to lose their sheen after regular washing, leaving them looking dull and boring. We've outlined ways to make your new clothes look like new for longer. These methods include washing the clothes with the best liquid detergent or investing in fabric conditioners. Listed below are some additional laundry tips which can help people preserve the colour and hue of their clothes

Even branded clothes tend to lose their sheen after regular washing, leaving them looking dull and boring.

Procedure To Be Followed Before Washing

Pre-wash procedures can play an important role in preserving the depth of colour and appeal of the clothes. Following the below tips before washing dark and solid colored clothes can help in keeping them look new for a longer span of time.

  • In order to check for color bleeding, always isolate and soak your new and dark coloured clothes in water.
  • After soaking your clothes for a couple of hours, if you notices a release of colour, then it’s advisable to wash such clothes only by hand. If no symptoms of colour bleeding show up, then your clothes can be machine washed.

Procedure To Be Followed During Washing

Washing is perhaps the biggest reason that results in the clothes losing their colour and appeal. Thankfully, by following the below tips while washing clothes, one can easily eliminate the fading process and retain their colours for a longer period.

  • Before washing clothes, they should be sorted according to the depth of their most prominent colour. This not only helps reduce colour leakage but also prevents the staining of lighter coloured clothes.
  • It is advisable to turn the clothes inside out before machine washing them as this helps in reducing fading. This simple action helps to safeguard the outer side of the fabric as the clothes collide with each other due to the tumbling action of the washing machine.
  • Using a soft biodegradable detergent such as the Shade Revive detergent from Born Good is also a good way to prevent the clothes from losing their colour and hue too soon. Detergents with high synthetic chemical composition and having ingredients with bleaching properties should preferably be avoided.
  • Even though most modern washing machines come with the functionality of warming water, it is advisable to use cold water only. Warm water causes the fabric colours to fade quickly and also adds to the overall energy bills.

Procedure To Be Followed While Drying

While washing clothes properly is essential to maintain their color and brightness, drying them in the right manner is equally important. The below tips with respect to drying washed clothes can prove to be extremely helpful in this context.

  • It is advisable not to over-dry the clothes in the dryer as the amount of heat can damage both the fabric and the color of the clothes.
  • Try to dry your your clothes outdoors and in shaded areas. In case there is limited or no shaded area, it is advisable to bring the clothes inside as soon as they are completely dry. This is because the longer the clothes are kept in the sun, the quicker they become fade.
  • Another good idea is to hang the clothes out for drying after turning them inside out if this has not been already done during washing. This prevents the harsh sun rays from coming directly in contact with the outer surface of the fabric and minimising the rate of colour fading

Following the above laundry tips can make one’s clothes last longer and also preserve their beauty and vibrance, which can, in turn, reduce the expenses incurred on buying new clothes.

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