How can Born Good help keep your home safe for your pet?

How can Born Good help keep your home safe for your pet?

Are you keeping me safe?

Home. It’s the safest place on earth, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Especially for our furry friends. How ironic, no? Since, many of us adopt dogs to “guard” our homes from burglars and trespassers. However, we fail to realize that safety could mean different things for us and them. Seemingly harmless human things, like grapes, could be deadly to them! But, don’t panic, we’re here to arm you with the right information. Together, we can #PledgeToProtectThePaws which add that much needed warmth, entertainment..and the occasional objectionable poop to our homes. We brainstormed with our Chief Canine Officer— Jojo, who is a treasure trove of ideas when he’s not snoozing in the sun— and came up with some ideas on making your home safer for your pets. Scroll down to read them.

1) Pet proof your home

As a pa(w)-rent, you need to pet-proof your home. This means that you need to think like your naughty pet. Search for things which they could potentially play with and get hurt by. Jojo curated a handy list for you to start with.

- Wrap up hanging cables. They make for dangerous chew-toys!

- Child-lock your electrical appliances. Cats love to play hide and seek. Very often, they pick extremely dangerous spots to hide, such as fridges, freezers, washing machines and microwaves.

- Lock up the toys. If you’re one of those brave souls who have taken the plunge to raise babies and pets together.. Firstly, KUDOS! And, second BEST OF LUCK. It’s best to keep their respective toys locked in separate spaces so that there’s less room for exchange. Also, avoid purchasing small toys, so that you can cut down on potential choking hazards.

- Put down your toilet-seat. This won’t just please your wife, but also protect your tiny tot from drinking toilet cleaner laced water, or jumping into it.

- Keep toxicants out of reach. Much as we would like to believe otherwise, high rise cabinets weren’t made to punish short people. They’re handy storage spots for potential toxicants like alcohol, cigarettes, cleaning products, pesticides etc.

Pro tip: Invest in eco-friendly or organic cleaning products. Since they’re toxin free, the chances of an emergency vet-visit are much lower, if your pet ingests them by mistake. .

2) Monitor their mid-meal snacks

Now that you’ve spent a couple of months with your four-legged toddler, you know that there’s merit to the excuse—“Ma’am, my dog ate my homework!!”

Take Jojo, for example. He’s a connoisseur of books, toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and socks. Suffice to say, his taste palette is eclectic!

Unfortunately, some of these items are also toxic, such as chocolate, onion and garlic. Keep an eye on what your pets are nibbling on. In case they’ve accidently ingested any of the above, monitor them. If they start frothing at the mouth, rush them to your veterinarian immediately.

Pro tip: Cover all your food items with lids. This prevents them from dipping into your dishes, and also keeps your food free from the garnish of pet hair. Also, switch to close-lidded trash cans, so that they don’t snack from your garbage.

3) Care to clean, often!

Pets are dirt magnets. No matter how often they lick themselves clean, dirt finds them. Clings to them. And, transfers to everything. They smear muddy paw prints on the floors. Jump on the bed after rolling in the park’s grass. Shake the fur they’re shedding, all over your carpets. There’s dirt and a layer of pet hair— EVERYWHERE! You know we’re not exaggerating. Melodrama aside, dirt makes for breeding ground for diseases, for you and your pet. So, if you want to keep your home hygienic, clean, clean, CLEAN! How?

How can Born Good help keep your home safe for your pet?

- If you allow your pet to lounge on the bed with you, make sure you change and wash your bedsheets with dog friendly laundry detergent, often.

- Vacuum your carpets every two weeks.

- Invest in lint rollers to get fur off your clothes and couches.

- Groom your pets regularly. Give them a bath once every 15 days. Comb them every alternate day. Clean their paws every night or after a particularly dirty walk.

- Prepare for accidents. No matter how many times you walk your pets, they will definitely pee in the house. So make sure you have a handy spray bottle with a mix of pet friendly floor cleaner and water to tidy up the mess.

Pro tip: Save your newspapers. Yesterday’s headlines make for great pee-soaking-pads.

To be quite frank, despite the work we’ve elucidated above, pets are very low maintenance. Most often than not, they communicate their needs to you. Learn their “tells” and you will have very few “oops” moments. Discipline them with a light smack to the bum for their slights, but never lay a harsh hand on them. No matter how expensive that broken vase was. Love them, and they will reciprocate in hoards. That’s the ultimate secret to keeping them safe. But, let’s play on the safe side and cart some dog friendly laundry detergent and pet friendly floor cleaner here.

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