How dirty are your toilet seats?

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How dirty are your toilet seats?

Cleaning 101: Toilet Seat Edition

For many of us, the day starts by visiting the office and doing business. The toilet seat serves as another office where we can retreat from work and let our thoughts run wild, which provides quality time with yourself, your phone, or your newspaper! But you do not want to do your business on a dirty toilet seat, right?

Why do you still despise me if you spend the best part of each day here? - Your toilet (because nobody likes it dirty!)

Have you ever wondered how dirty your toilet seats are? The toilet bowl is a germ-infested throne, from the handles to the seat and the bowl. Your toilet has bacteria in every crevice and corner. Additionally, germs are constantly present, regardless of how frequently you clean them. It is a result of the fact that everyone in the household regularly uses the restroom, even though most toilet bowls have toilet seats with covers so that people may sit on them comfortably and help stop the spread of germs.

Here are some other unsavoury information about toilets, as well as some advice on how to clean them, in an eco-friendly way.

A standard toilet bowl has approximately 50 different germ species per square inch. The germs usually present on toilet seats include the influenza virus, faecal bacteria, streptococcus, salmonella, shigella, and many other germs that can infect you with normal to deadly diseases. (yikes!)

How to clean the toilet seat properly?

In order to keep the toilet sanitary, we should do regular cleaning properly. This task might seem daunting, but use the right tools and techniques for better and faster results.

1) Utilize the space

Firstly, do not clutter your bathroom with lots of things, and make sure you have space for your toilet cleaner liquid, brush, and other bathroom cleaning products in the toilet. Organize everything properly and try to place other items slightly away from the toilet bowl.

2) Disinfect the toilet properly

As the toilet bowl is the throne of germs, it needs regular cleaning. For that, get yourself a good quality toilet cleaner liquid, which can disinfect your toilet properly. Unfortunately, most generic toilet cleaners contain lots of harsh chemicals, which can harm the environment by polluting soil and water. We recommend you get your hands on an eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner that is toxin and chemical free so that it is good for your health and the environment, too. You can order Born Good's toilet bowl cleaner right here. It contains the goodness of coconut, glycerine and glucoside which makes the toilet cleaner a natural germicide and prevents the deposition of minerals.

How dirty are your toilet seats

3) Ensure that the toilet bowl is cleaned inside and out

Begin cleaning from the upper edge and continue your way downward. Always start at the outer border of the rim and work your way inside. You should clean the rim properly and get rid of stains and dirt. Clean the toilet bowl's drain hole and the bowl itself with a toilet brush and toilet bowl cleaner. Before flushing, completely close the toilet lid; also, try to make this a habit to prevent germs from spreading.

4) Make sure to clean the toilet seat.

It is essential to clean the toilet seat as it comes in direct contact with skin. Use a sponge and the toilet cleaner to scrub the toilet seat clean. Make sure to scrub the underside, as well. You should always leave the toilet seat dry after cleaning.

Pro-tip: Since you wouldn’t want any strong acidic substances coming in contact with your skin, choose a plant-based bathroom cleaner.

5) Don’t forget about the ‘invisible’ parts of the toilet.

Cleaning other parts of the toilet, which we may not necessarily come into direct contact with, is also important because these can be a source of germ transmission. Spray a solution of water and the toilet cleaner liquid around the hinges, seat joints, under the rim, syphon jets, and tap. For thorough cleaning, squeeze some toilet cleaner, then use an old toothbrush and scrub it for one minute. Then clean it up with the help of a rag. Last but not least, you should clean the flush handles properly by spraying the disinfectant, letting it rest for a few minutes, and wiping it down with a cloth.

Yes, we know that you now know your assignment of “How to clean your dirty toilet seats”, so we won’t bore you, further! By paying attention to regular cleaning, you will be able to go about your morning routine without stressing about germs spreading, and you can poop peacefully! Don’t forget to use Born Good's toilet bowl cleaner, which is an organic and toxin-free toilet cleaner.

Try our cleaning tips and let us know if you found them helpful or not, in the comment section below.

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