The "Cleaner" future: Concentrate Cleaners Vs Regular Cleaners?

The "Cleaner" future: Concentrate Cleaners Vs Regular Cleaners?

Where did all the water go?

Ironically, your cleaning products are chugging a lot of aqua. Did you know that most detergents, floor cleaners and dishwashing liquids are made up of 80% water? Yikes! Hurts to pay for something flowing freely in your taps right?

Fret not, your go-green journey doesn’t have to be water-down-the-drain-expensive. We’ve found a way to help you save the planet and your pennies in one go!


Concentrate cleaners.

Huh? What are those? Don’t let the jargon boggle your mind. We’ve got all the information you need. Scroll down for the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’s of this new environmentally conscious and pocket friendly cleaning product.

What are concentrated cleaners?

Let’s revise our chemistry a little, shall we? Cleaners are made up of two types of ingredients — active and solvent. In lay man’s speak, all the ingredients needed to fight the germs, stains and odors are classified as active. The base liquid which dissolves these ingredients, allowing us to clean our floors, clothes and dishes are solvents. In most cases the solvent is water.

Available in powder and liquid variants, concentrated cleaners are shipped to you in “concentrated form”, i.e they have more active ingredients. Some of them need to be diluted before use, while others can be used directly. For example, Born Good’s concentrated liquid detergent can be poured directly into the washing machine, with the help of it’s measuring cap.

Why should you consider switching over to them?

1) Clean more with less

Concentrate Cleaners Vs Regular Cleaners

A little goes a long way when it comes to cleaning concentrates. In comparison to regular cleaners, a the Born Good concentrate detergent cleans an average of 6-8 kg of clothes with just 10 ml, unlike regular detergents which need 60 ml for the same load.

2) Pocket friendly purchase

Cleaning concentrates are much easier on your wallet than regular cleaners, since you’re not shelling out money for water anymore. Most cleaning concentrates in the market use a fraction of the water used by regular cleaners. For example, Born Good’s concentrate detergent uses only 40% water, in comparison to the 80% used by its regular ready-to-use chemical counterparts. This means that for every load you spend 50% lesser! Let’s break it down for you:

You’re paying only six rupees per load with Born Good’s plant based concentrate detergent, as opposed to the twelve rupees required by regular detergents.

The cost is further docked because they’re packaged in smaller bottles. This means that lesser materials are used in its packaging, leading to lesser waste in the landfills.

Also, yay! More closet space. You don’t have to give up those precious kitchen shelves to make room for bulky products..

Concentrate Cleaners Vs Regular Cleaners

3) Win some brownie points.. from the environment

Are your feet too big? We mean your carbon footprint, obviously! Switching to concentrated cleaners can help reduce that too.


Since they’re packaged smaller than regular cleaners, they weigh lesser and take up lesser space in transit from factories. This allows for more products to be transported in totality. This means that your purchase of concentrate cleaners has indirectly contributed to lesser carbon emissions by the trucks ferrying them from factory to store or home.

Furthermore, since concentrate cleaners last longer, requiring lesser quantity during each use, they help reduce frequent grocery runs. For example, 50 ml of Born Good’s floor cleaner concentrate can give you 500ml worth of cleaning material when diluted. Did we mention that we’re plant based too? Using Born Good’s concentrate cleaners has the added bonus of keeping toxins like sulfates or phosphates out of your home and the environment. This means that when water from your washing machine drains into oceans, it causes no harm to its plants and animals.

As a bonus, our concentrate floor cleaner is packaged in a glass bottle. Not only does this reduce the plastic in your cart, but also give you a chance to get crafty! Red, blue or yellow. Bold or intricate. Repurpose these bottles by painting on them, and create your own unique decor pieces. One can never have too many tea-candle holders. Or you can wash them out, and use them as salt-pepper shakers too!

What should you watch out for?

Sounds too good to be true? Allow us to play devil’s advocate.

1. How does one dodge the dosing dilemma?

A pinch of “this” a dash of “that” is always a recipe for disaster. Human beings aren’t very proficient at eyeballing. So the concern about messing up the dilution ratio of the concentrate solution and water, is definitely valid. To make our product goof-proof, Born Good labels are equipped with scannable QR codes on the label. If you follow the dosing instructions carefully, and stir the mixture properly before use, your clean up won’t be mucked up.

2. Is the mix up to snuff and sniff?

Another concern with concentrate cleaners is that they don’t have enough surfactants required to clean adequately. Or that manufacturers skimp on the odor fighting ingredients. As with any cleaning supplies, the proof is in the packaging. Take a look at the ingredients mentioned on the pack before purchasing the item. Opt to buy in smaller quantities initially so that you can test out the product before committing to it. Or, you can buy from us! We definitely don’t cut any ingredient corners.


Are you ready to give concentrate cleaners a try? Go ahead and cart them. Trust us, once you go green there’s no going back. And, why would you want to? It’s a win-win-win, clean home, clean environment and not so clean wallet

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