Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for the Laundry Room

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for the Laundry Room

Small Changes In Your Laundry Routine Can Go A Long Way

Rewind to the time when Covid-19 surfaced and a lockdown engulfed the nation. With people continuing their lives from within the walls of their homes and the roads basking in emptiness, there was a decline in the air pollution levels across all cities in the country. With a decline in human-generated emissions, the sky seemed clearer and the grass felt greener - observations that were vocal of the harm that human beings inflicted on nature. Covid-19 has made us acquainted with the fact that we, humans, are causing considerable harm to our planet and a change in our ways is much awaited.

Covid-19 has acquainted us with the very fact that we, humans, are causing considerable harm to our planet.

The need of the hour is that mankind becomes well-versed with the fact that its relationship with Mother Nature is not one-way. We have to show our appreciation to the environment by returning the care and nurturing we get. Small steps add up to account for giant leaps - hence, even minuscule actions from our end tend to bring about pivotal changes. The very first step for change begins from home and today we are going to shed light on how you can do your laundry in an eco-friendly manner - thereby contributing towards making a safer planet for not only oneself but also the next generation.

Before jumping to the solution, let’s first familiarize ourselves with the problem. How does the simple act of doing laundry jeopardise our environment? To begin answering this question, aspects like toxic chemical riddled laundry detergent and wastage of water would be enough to raise concerns. Common mistakes practiced by billions of households harm nature in ways unimaginable. On the other hand, safe laundry practices tend to care for the environment in the best manner possible.

Common mistakes practiced by billions of households harm nature in ways unimaginable.

Wash In Cold Water

The 90s generation that was born and brought up in middle-class households realizes that hot water is kind of a luxury. Now-a-days, clothes, let alone people, are desirous of hot water. If you are planning to do a load of laundry in hot water, then halt and give it a thought. The energy required to generate hot water is generated from non renewable means which impacts the earth and it costs you personally as well. All your other garments shall come out just fine even if you wash them in cold water. Hence, go easy on the consumption of energy - it will do much good to our planet.

Celebrate "Laundry Day"

Celebrate your very own Laundry Day. The best part is that the aforementioned day can be celebrated any day you have accumulated enough laundry to do. Doing a full load of laundry is also preferred when compared to frequently washing much smaller loads. The former aspect tends to consume less water, saves energy, and goes easy on one’s pocket, thereby contributing to the planet’s health.

Pay Attention To The Lint Filter

Did you know that an overloaded lint filter can turn out to be a fire hazard? The aforementioned can be avoided by just following a simple step: clean out the filter after drying a particular batch of clothes. An overloaded lint filter also places undue exertion on the dryer - which ends up deriving more energy than the usual in order to function properly.

Use Eco Friendly Detergents

Eco-friendly clothes washing liquid detergents that are replete with plant-based ingredients, help us take a small yet significant step in doing right by our planet. No parabens, phosphates, and sulphates render the aforementioned biodegradable detergents as free of any harmful chemicals. While such detergents are harsh on bacterias and viruses, they tend to be gentle on one’s clothes and skin. Such eco-friendly detergents not only perform better than their traditional counterparts but also vouch for a cleaner environment.

Dry Your Clothes Outside

You think that a dryer is full of hassle, or that it consumes loads of energy, or you just don’t want to clean the lint filter - whatever the reason might be, hanging your clothes in a shaded area outdoor in order to dry is always a wise option. It’s quick (on sunny afternoons and breezy nights), natural (doesn’t consume any energy), and easy on the pocket.

A cleaner environment begins at home and if everyone joins hands during the course of this journey then we all shall be one step closer in making our planet greener as well as safer.

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