Choosing a Cruelty Free Product Can Make All the Difference

Born Good Stands Against Animal Cruelty

Product testing is a very common step that many brands participate in prior to the launch of their product. There are multiple kinds of tests including efficiency tests, shelf life tests and tests to measure customer satisfaction levels.

Some brands also conduct tests to ensure that their products are safe for customers to use. It’s been a common practice to conduct these tests on animals (without taking into account what happens to the animals). By turning a blind eye to what happens to animals and aquatic life, this is one way brands participate in animal cruelty.

At Born Good, we have always believed in cultivating a strong set of values. In addition to not containing any animal extracts, all our products are NOT tested on animals and marine life.

Further, It’s a core brand value that all our products be eco-friendly as measured by a BioBased score.

It’s a core brand value that all our products be eco-friendly as measured by a BioBased score.

Our organic detergents are formulated with plant based extracts providing you with a gentle washing liquid that is perfect for you and your family. Our ethos has been built around complete transparency and eco-consciousness. Our natural detergents are safe for people with allergy prone or sensitive skin. Born Good’s plant-based detergents contain zero traces of sulphates, parabens and phosphates.

What we do have present in our natural detergent is an organic acid buffer infused with coconut extract and an organic surfactant. These ingredients combined with non GMO enzymes provide you with the perfect gentle washing liquid that removes tough stains from your clothes!

At Born Good, our bottles are made out of 100% recyclable PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) complemented with an aesthetic design to make sure that they are bought only once, with the intent of being reused.

Born Good, Raised Good, Stays Good

Switch to our plant- based detergents and and become an active member in our effort to help everyone make a small yet significant difference to a safer planet. When you choose Born Good, you are choosing a brand that is against animal cruelty.

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