Why Iron? When you can wipe away those wrinkles instantly!

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Why Iron? When you can wipe away those wrinkles instantly!

Wrinkle-free clothes in no time!

Are you running late for work? Connecting your iron box, setting the right temperature, and straightening up those wrinkles are only going to take more time. Furthermore, a hot iron box could burn that shiny formal shirt you love.

Ironing is not just time-consuming! It can often hurt your delicate fabrics. It’s about time we switch from the traditional method of ironing to an alternative that best suits our fast-paced life. A wrinkle remover is tailored to fit right into our tight schedule!

How does it work, though? And why do you need to have a wrinkle remover for clothes at home? Read on to find out.

Just spray and wipe it off!

Wrinkle-free clothes can happen in seconds when you’ve got a wrinkle remover with you! Here is how it is done 👉

1) Pick your wrinkle remover.

Pro Tip: We suggest you choose a Plant-Based Wrinkle Remover for your clothes. Plant-based Fabric Wrinkle Removers are gentle on your clothes and smell wonderful!

2) Spray on the wrinkles.

Instead of having to go through that long process of setting up your ironing board, hang your garment on a hanger, hit those wrinkles with a few sprays, and wait for the magic to happen.

3) And wipe away those wrinkles!

Why do you need a wrinkle remover?

1) Your best ally on a busy day.

If you live a busy life and often need to squeeze in time to iron, then a fabric wrinkle remover is built for you! It can be your go-to touch-up solution to save time and effort. The wrinkle remover instantly relaxes the fibers in your clothes and removes those wrinkles with the least effort!

2) Focus only on the wrinkles.

When you are heading out, you might want to quickly straighten up those few annoying spots filled with wrinkles. Rather than having to iron the entire garment, use a wrinkle remover and target only the areas that have wrinkles.

Just spray it on the wrinkled spots and smooth it out with your hand. Fast and super easy!

3) Your go-to travel buddy.

Are you packing for a trip? Well, it is always best to travel with less baggage and avoid bringing heavy loads like an iron box to your trip.

Here is where that cute portable bottle of wrinkle remover comes into play. Wrinkle removers help to quickly remove wrinkles from your clothes without having to bring along an iron and ironing board. Just spray and tidy up your clothes on the go!

Our 100ml bottles are as portable as they can get!

Born Good's Fabric Wrinkle Removers come in small and lightweight bottles, making them easy for you to carry along.

4) All that heat is bad for your clothes!

Did you know that ironing can damage your clothes? It can cause damage to our fabrics like silk and nylon. Ironing could even melt or burn the fibers of your beautiful silk dress! It can also cause shrinkage and discolouration of certain fabrics if the iron is too hot or if the fabric is left on the iron for too long.

Unlike the horrors of ironing, fabric wrinkle removers do not use heat or pressure to remove wrinkles. They treat your clothes gently with a couple of sprays and soften them to release wrinkles, which is less likely to cause damage to the fabric.

5) Designed to be gentle on your fabrics.

Fabric wrinkle removers are designed to be used on a variety of fabrics, including those that are delicate or cannot withstand high heat. It rejuvenates and leaves your clothes with a pleasant aroma making you feel fresh all day long.

Born Good’s fabric wrinkle remover is effective on all clothing (including denim) and can also be used on bed linens, curtains, tablecloths, and any other fabric. However, we do not recommend using it on 100% polyester, silk, and crepe.

Our choice of wrinkle remover for clothes 👉

Our Plant-Based Wrinkle Remover was created to treat your clothes gently and remove those wrinkles instantly! Made using the goodness of coconut extracts, it freshens up your clothes and eliminates any trace of malodours. And works perfectly on all types of fabric!

Our product contains zero toxins, no synthetic solvents, and no formaldehyde. The natural & hypoallergenic ingredients used are safe for your little ones at home and on your skin.

Bonus: our wrinkle remover is 99% BioBased as certified by USDA’s BioPreferred program!

What this means is that 99% of the ingredients are derived from plants and minerals and what this means for you is that it is EXTREMELY safe on your all your clothes (especially your delicate ones)

And it also will not remove (or bleed the colour from your clothes)

Get your wrinkle remover now!

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