Why you should add a plant-based toilet bowl cleaner to your shopping list

Why you should add a plant-based toilet bowl cleaner to your shopping list


To an average consumer this word— “caution”— printed in bold behind traditional cleaning products, is enough to encourage a pause, if not in the shopping aisle, then during the usage of the product. But, unfortunately that’s not the case for our diligent house help, who labour to keep our homes spick and span. They don’t know that they’re handling harmful chemicals while cleaning your home. In fact, those seemingly “reliable” cleaning companions—especially toilet bowl cleaners— are actually more troublesome than the pesky germs we’re trying to kill. Let us tell you why that’s a cause for concern.

Bye bye germs.. Hello health hazards!

We’ve all been there, and thought that the stronger the chemicals in your traditional cleaning products, the cleaner our homes are. However, some of these chemicals don’t just kill germs, they also kill our chances of leading a healthy life. Between the fumes they emit and their corrosive nature, your bum is in for a massive surprise the next time you take a dump! Because, no matter how much they rinse away the product, a little chemical residue is always left behind.

Here are some of the chemicals in regular toilet cleaners which you should be weary of:

1) Hydrochloric Acid

Why you should add a plant-based toilet bowl cleaner to your shopping list

Out of your chem-lab and into your cleaning products. Most commercial chemical toilet cleaner liquids comprise almost 10% HCL or muriatic acid. This is extremely corrosive to human tissues and can damage your skin, eyes and other internal organs on contact.

2) Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate

SLES is usually present in most chemical bathroom cleaning products in order to reduce the surface tension between the object and water while cleaning. However, much like HCL it’s a skin irritant and it’s advisable to wear protective gear while handling it in concentrated form.

3) Sodium Hydroxide

If caution has a cause, it definitely rests with this chemical. NaOH is a very corrosive acid known to cause burns on your body and decompose proteins and lipids in our tissues! Yikes! Although it’s used in extremely small quantities in conventional toilet cleaners, would you really care to have it around to potentially blind, maim and melt you?

4) Bleach

Although it’s seemingly common-place, bleach isn’t as safe as we think it is. Sure, it whitens your toilets, but is that worth the cost of severely irritated eyes and skin rashes?

Cleaning.. out the marine ecosystem

We’ve already told you the immediate impact of these chemical laced bathroom cleaners, on your health. But, did you know that you’re also slowly killing the environment with them?

All the protective gear in the world can’t save the fish from those chemicals! The chemicals from your cleaning products get flushed down the drain and straight into their dinner.. and eventually enter yours through them!

Furthermore, all those toxins which you’re draining into the seas and oceans, pollute the water which flows back through your pipes in the kitchen and bathroom. Yikes, do you really want to dine and shower with these hazardous chemicals?

What’s the alternative?

Why you should add a plant-based toilet bowl cleaner to your shopping list

Switch to Born Good’s plant-based toilet bowl cleaners, formulated to keep your home and the environment clean. Its USDA certified 89% BioBased formula is enriched with the goodness of coconut extract, glycerine and vegetable oils. It is gentle on your skin, so you don’t have to suit up in protective gear to avoid getting splashed.

Furthermore, this toilet cleaner liquid gets the job done and kills 99.999 % germs without the help of chlorine, bleach and other harsh chemicals. It is also imbued with anti-scaling properties, which prevents the deposit of mineral residue. So, you can bid goodbye to the saying “yellow yellow, dirty fellow”, because your toilet will be pristine with zero skid marks and yellow stains. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give the plant magic a try, and cart our toilet cleaner liquid.

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