5 Reasons Why You Need To Incorporate A Fabric Conditioner Into Your Laundry Routine

It’s time to give your clothes “life”

If your relationship with your clothes could be described in one sentence, it would be this: “Your clothes speak on your behalf.”

Their volume speaks to your confidence, and their smooth texture and fragrance convey your sense of style. What we’re trying to say is that your clothes are essential and just keeping them “clean” isn’t enough.

To leave a long-lasting impression on your peers or to simply feel good about your outfit, you have to give your clothes “life.”

This is where a fabric conditioner makes all the difference. It doesn’t just make your clothes softer and smoother or simply infuses them with a long-lasting fragrance. It provides several other benefits (some of them might even come as a surprise to you.)

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should start including a good fabric conditioner into your laundry routine:

1) It Makes Your Garments Soft

The foremost reason for adding a fabric conditioner is that it your clothes become softer, smoother, and gentler for a longer period.

Born Good’s Fabric Conditioner is tested at CIRCOT (Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology) to make your garments feel twice as soft as compared to other traditional fabric conditioners. It reduces the friction between the fibers and makes them feel soft on the skin.

 5 Reasons Why You Need to Incorporate a Fabric Conditioner into Your Laundry Routine

2) It Protects Your Clothes

Another benefit of using a fabric conditioner is that it protects your clothes from stretching, fading, and bobbling. The powerful plant-based ingredients of the conditioner smoothen and flatten the fibers during the wash cycle and this makes ironing effortless.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Incorporate a Fabric Conditioner into Your Laundry Routine

3) It Makes your clothes retain their shape

One of the worst thing that can happen to your clothes is when they lose their shape. It's annoying when a normal wash cycle turns your favorite t-shirt into a crop top.

Laundry conditioners help your clothes in retaining their shape and keep them looking brand for longer. 

4) No Sweat & Dust on Your Clothes

Born Good’s Fabric conditioner is formulated to be hydrophilic in nature. This enhances the wicking properties of the garment (a property that brings all the moisture from the skin to the garment surface) and this helps make your garment feel lighter and makes you feel less sweaty.

Born Good’s laundry conditioner also keeps your clothes cleaner for longer. The hydrophilic nature decreases the static charge formation on the clothes and this prevents dust particles from settling on them.

5) Fresh Natural Fragrance

This is a no brainer. Most people use a fabric conditioner in their laundry routine to make their clothes smell good.

Fabric conditioners contain mild natural fragrances that make your clothes smell fresh till the next wash. Their balanced and refreshing scent keeps on leaving its impressions on every touch and makes not just others but also you feel good in your own company.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Incorporate a Fabric Conditioner into Your Laundry Routine


Final Thoughts

We hope that we've convinced you that a using a good fabric conditioner is way more than adding fragrance and softness to your clothes - it's more like adding "life" to them.

If you love a long-lasting freshness in your clothes and want them to feel soft and fluffy, then the Born Good laundry conditioner is going to be your perfect ally. It is formulated with BioBased ingredients that enter the pores of every garment, make them soft and keep them clean for a longer period. Just add it to your last rinsing cycle and experience the wonder yourself.

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  • Love your detergents. However, your fabric conditioner – smells good, but does not dispense completely. Have a front load machine and have never had problems with other brands. This is perhaps too thick – I find more than half left in dispenser slot, which doesn’t dissipate even after 2/3 cycles. Need to tweak formula!

    Maitreyi Bery

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