Are Biodegradable Detergents Worth Switching To

Plant-based biodegradable detergents are here to stay

The answer seems to be simple; when you think biodegradable, you automatically think better. Better for the environment and better for your conscience. However, over the years there seems to be a lingering perception that a biodegradable product does not necessarily mean an effective product. We would like to shed light on why our products break this stereotype.

The estimated annual consumption of phosphate-containing laundry detergents in India is 2.88 million tonnes*


Most well-known detergents you see in the market today are manufactured using synthetic ingredients derived from petroleum. These ingredients not only contain high levels of phosphates but also contain heavy metals like zinc and lead.

When released from our households, these chemicals end up in our water bodies where they cause eutrophication, a phenomenon where the water bodies become enriched with phosphates triggering an overgrowth of algae. This algae deprives water bodies of oxygen resulting in the loss of aquatic and marine life.

Phosphates are a major cause of water pollution in India leading to 42 percent of human and animal diseases. Most laundry detergents in the market today are phosphate based **


Born Good, Stays Good

Our ethos at Born Good revolves around delivering plant based liquid detergents without inflicting damage upon Mother Nature. Our formulations consist of plant based ingredients such as coconut, palm oil and sugarcane derivatives alongside naturally occurring minerals. Together, they provide the perfect biodegradable plant based liquid detergent for you and your loved ones.

With our supplier listed on the global ZDHC gateway ensuring that all manufacturing discharges do not harm plants.

Born Good detergents have also been through 3rd party lab tests to ensure that our standard of efficacy is at par, if not better than traditional detergents. With our supplier listed on the global ZDHC gateway ensuring that all manufacturing discharges do not harm plants or add toxins to the environment, switch to our USDA certified bio based detergent Born Good today, for a better tomorrow.

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