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Stain & Wrinkle Remover Duo

Stain & Wrinkle Remover Duo

Discover the perfect duo for effortless garment care with Born Good's Stain & Wrinkle remover duo!
Say farewell to wrinkles with our wrinkle remover— a quick fix for lightly crumpled garments. Beyond removing wrinkles, it's your go-to for a swift refresh of your cotton garments & linen.
Pair it with Born Good's Stain Remover. This is essential pre-wash treatment for fresh stains. Packed with four bio-enzymes and a coconut-based surfactant, it tackles over 25 tough stains, from grass and blood to makeup and red wine. Bid farewell to persistent odors as it works its magic, effortlessly handling period stains on clothes, undergarments, bed linen, and nightwear.

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Refreshes your clothes



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Born Good

Key Ingredients

Wrinkle Remover
1. Coconut extracts from coconut oil

Stain remover
1. Citric acid from citrus fruits
2. Blend of 4 bio enzymes


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Hosur 635110

plant-based concentrated fragrance liquid laundry detergent combo

Inspired by Nature. Made good with Science.


Refreshes your clothes





Wrinkle Remover

All your wrinkled clothes don't need ironing! Born Good's wrinkle remover is an easier way to remove wrinkles from lightly crumpled clothes. It's also a great way to refresh your clothes quickly.

It is is made using coconut extracts that help reduce static found in clothes and other fabrics thereby removing wrinkles. It is recommended for use on cotton, poly-cotton, wool and denim and can also be used on bed linens, curtains and table cloths. This product is a great solution for people on the go and who need to quickly refresh their clothes. It is best suited for lightly crumpled clothes that are.

This product contains zero toxins, no synthetic solvents and no formaldehyde. It is made using natural & hypoallergenic ingredients that are baby safe, pet safe and safe for sensitive skin.

Stain Remover

Born Good’s stain remover is a great pre-wash treatment for fresh (less than 30 days old) stains. It contains 4 bio-enzymes and a coconut based surfactant that work effectively to remove more than 25 tough stains including grass, blood, sweat, oil, red wine, makeup, tea, coffee, cola, juices, bbq sauce, ketchup, oil and chocolate. It also helps eliminate malodours.

Our stain remover is effective on all clothing (whites and coloured), linens, carpets, floor mats, bedding, cloth diapers and other washable fabrics. It preserves the colours of your clothing and linen. In addition to removing stains, this product adds a mild and pleasing aroma to your clothes & linen.

It easily removes period stains from clothes, undergarments, bed linen and nightwear.


Coconut extracts from coconut oil


Citric acid from citrus fruits


Blend of 4 bio enzymes

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frequently asked questions

How do we use this product?

Treat stains immediately for best results. Spray liberally on the stain. Use a toothbrush to brush the stain. Wait 30-60 minutes for the stains to break down. If the stains are still visible, wash in a washing machine or by hand. Stubborn stains may require multiple treatments. This product is not suitable for haldi, ink and other synthetic dyes
For tough stains, the above process needs to be repeated upto 3 times. This is because tough stains penetrate deep into the yarn of the fabrics.

Does it work on all stains?

This product will remove common stains like grease, mud, oil, wine, coffee, blood and many more stains. It is not suitable for haldi, ink and other synthetic dyes.

Is this product safe for kid’s clothes?

Yes, the ingredients we use are natural and do not contain any toxins and this makes the product safe for baby and kid’s clothes.

Can this product remove period stains?

Yes, it can remove period stains. For best results, use this product as soon as the stain is created.

What does this wrinkle remover do?

This plant-based wrinkle remover is used to remove wrinkles found on lightly crumpled clothes and other fabrics and also easily refreshes clothes on the go.

How does this product work?

First, spray liberally over the wrinkled areas and wait for about 30 seconds. Then, tug or stretch the garment using your hands to further release the tension. Lastly, wipe the wrinkle away using you hand or a cloth.

Does it work on all fabrics?

This instant wrinkle remover is recommended for use on cotton, poly-cotton, wool & denim.

How long does it take to remove wrinkles.

You will see that wrinkle get removed in less than 30 seconds for most fabrics. For tougher to iron materials like linen, it will take about a minute


Fabric Stain Remover
Ingredients Derived From Purpose
Alkyl Polyglucoside Vegetable oil and starch Vegetable oil based surfactant for cleaning
Proteas Enzyme Fermented enzyme To break down protein stains
Mannanase Enzyme Fermented enzyme To break down cellulosic stains
Amylase Enzyme Fermented enzyme To break down carbohydrate stains
Lypase Enzyme Fermented enzyme To break down oil stains
Alanine carboxymethyl sodium salt Patented product from the supplier. 100% biodegradable. Probably from sugarcane and vegetable oils Syntheticaly manufactured sequestering agent, organic in nature
Baking Soda Inorganic Salt for pH modification
CITRIC ACID Citrus fruits Organic acid for pH regulation
Hypoallergenic fragrances Essential oils Fragrance
Potassium Sorbate Inorganic salts Food preservatives to prevent growth of bacteria and fungus
Sodium Benzoate Inorganic salts Food preservatives to prevent growth of mold and yeast.
Aqua Naturally occuring

Fabric Wrinkle Remover
Natural Solvent Sugarcane For easy drying of substrates and allowing the surfactants to penetrate the fabric
Cocamidopropyl betaine Coconut oil / palm oil Coconut oil derivative, which prevents redeposition
Alkyl Polyglucoside Vegetable oil and starch Vegetable oil based surfactant for cleaning
Hypoallergenic fragrances Essential oils Fragrance
Aqua Naturally occuring