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Worth it

I am glad to have a liquid which does not suffocate me while I clean the bowl!
The fragrance is good and it is good product to be used regularly without any "environmental guilt". Safe to keep anywhere in my washroom with my kiddo exploring everything.

Super Saver Bundle
Heena Rathod

Super Saver Bundle

Very good

Good smell, efficient cleaning.sustainable

Very good

My clothes were getting a musty smell from the washing machine. I switched to born good and the smell is gone and replaced by a pleasant smell. I have 2 active school going children and born good definately works for us !

Super Saver Bundle
Ankil Chheda
Concentrated Detergent

I really loved this product. It's very friendly on the pocket, has an amazing fragrance, removes stains, freshens the clothes, and on top of it is very friendly for the environment. A must buy for every household.

The best plant-based home cleaning products

I love using Born Good products as they are skin friendly and have a very pleasant smell. I just need a little of the product to clean a lot!

Wonderful products

My boyfriend talked me into buying the products from Born Good and I do not regret it. The product specifications are all good, such as smell, skin-friendly, and quality of cleaning. I am definitely going to buy again and ask my friends and family to buy from Born Good too.

One the best eco friendly product

Unlike other eco-friendly products which i have used..BORN GOOD is one of the best

Dish Wash liquid

The liquid itself is good and cleans adequately.
However,for a "natural" product, the scent is very artificial and strong.
Instead of using fancy foreign fragrances, why can you not use simple citrus flavours?
Can't use your product anymore as my wife has an extremely sensitive sense of smell.

Nearly there . .

Amongst the best Indian detergents that I've tried to remove sports odour from cotton and sports wear. Though doesn't remove 100% odour, it is effective upto 80%. Other Indian brands including Ariel were completely useless.
Hope they can keep improvising and reach 100%, like how "win" and similar USA brands work

Good buy

It's good , recommend clothes come out clean , can make a bit strong to be effective , for 12 kg load machine u need to add minimum 40 ml for good washing. Bit stronger if u can try

Great buy

I liked it very much. Very soft on hands , washed vessels for continuous 10 days and to my surprise there was no reaction , was gentle on hand. U only need more qty than mentioned , does not does job with small amount. But i am happy with the purchase .

Loved it

Great buy. Very nice

Love it

So glad to have made the switch.My baby is always in the floor bare feet but now he doesn’t have rough soles!Thank you!

Very good product...

Very good product and clean well but some tough stains should clean manually first and then in machine. Fragrance is good...

A hard working member of the family.

Good products, painless ordering, well thought out packing, love the shade revive product, one of the best recommendations made by my eco warrior wife


Although laundry detergent didn't generate lather but it cleans well .. therefore i like it

However (from the sample pack) liquid dish cleaner needs to be improved there was no lather as well plus wasn't cleaning grease well... Would like to try other products as well

Does the job without harming

Love the fact that it's natural


Product result is amazing as heard in product description. I love to u use the laundry liquid and smell which is also too good.


I bought the bowl cleaner and the detergent liquid. Loved both of them. I am stunned to see how a plant based bowl cleaner can clean it so well. The fragrance is so good that I have no complaints to put that little effort now.

Fabric conditioner

Hi. I am Lavanya. Basically I want to use best products for my home. This is the best fabric conditioner I have used. Very nice smell and clothes look very shiny after the usage. I like this

Smells giod

Floor cleaner was good and smells soothing it also dries of quickly


Quite satisfied by using all products which were sent to me. I wish a grand success for your organization.

Not long lasting

Did not last for more than 2-4 days