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Plant-Based Fabric Conditioner

Plant-Based Fabric Conditioner

Infused with notes of citrus and woody musk, this fabric conditioning liquid makes your garments softer while leaving them mildly-scented and fresh until the next wash!

Benefits of Choosing Us

2x Softer Clothes

Contemporary Fragrance

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Why Choose Born Good

Born Good

Key Ingredients

1. Soyabean oil
2. RSPO certified palm oil


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MRP (inclusive of all taxes):
1 L bottle - Rs. 349
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5 L can - Rs. 1619
200ml bottle - Rs. 169

Manufactured & Marketed by:
Be Better Personal Care Private Limted,
#336 & #337 Jonabonda Village,
Onnalavadi Post,
Krishnagiri District,
Hosur 635110

Plant-based USDA Certified Fabric Conditioner

Inspired by Nature. Made good with Science.


2x Softer Clothes


Contemporary Fragrance

Why use Born Good's Fabric Conditioner?

We’ve formulated this fabric conditioning liquid to do more than make your garments softer. Its BioBased ingredients enter the pores of each garment, working from within to soften them while increasing their wicking properties. Its naturally hydrophilic nature helps repel dust and prevents sweat from settling on its surface, keeping your garments cleaner and feeling lighter.

Add it to the last rinse cycle of your wash for optimum benefits. Plus, its spicy notes of citrus, pepper and woody musk keeps your garments mildly-scented until the next wash.

USDA Certified

This is a USDA Certified BioBased Product 89%. It contains 89% BioBased content making which is much higher than traditional fabric conditioners.

Softer, Smoother & Gentler

The softness of a garment can be scientifically measured through its coefficient of friction. What it means, simply, is the amount of friction generated by the fabric when it comes in contact with another material. The lower the coefficient, the softer the fabric, and vice versa.

Born Good Fabric Conditioner has been tested by CIRCOT and measured to make garments twice as soft as other traditional fabric conditioners.

Repels Sweat & Dust

The BioBased ingredients we’ve used in our formulation makes this fabric conditioner hydrophilic in nature and increases its wicking property. This lends it the ability to absorb moisture from the skin and bring it to the garment surface, leaving your garments feeling lighter. This unique hydrophilic quality also reduces the static charge on garments and prevents dust from settling down, keeping your garments cleaner long after washday.

Cypress Fresh Fragrance

We captured the scents that waft through the crisp, mountain air in a fragrance that strikes the perfect balance between refreshing and long-lasting. It does not over-power but rather lingers mildly until the next wash.


Keep out of reach of children. On contact with eyes, remove contact lenses (if present) and rinse thoroughly for several minutes.


RSPO Certified Palm Oil


Soyabean Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Bhanu Sagar
Amazing Product!

I have ordered floor cleaner, liquid detergent and fabric conditioner... all the 3 products are amazing.. Floor cleaner fragrance is soo nice !! Very much satisfied with the product ready to place order for second time.!!! :)

Mandar Chaudhari

Plant-Based Fabric Conditioner

kundan kumar
Excellent fabric conditioner

The fabric conditioner is very good and the fragrance is also very nice

Sweta Saravanan
Excellent products

Loved the quality of packaging and the fragrances of all the products. The dishwash gel is top quality. Definitely buying again from here.

Akash bhatt

Very good and eco friendly

frequently asked questions

Is the product safe for baby clothes?

In short – yes. Our plant-based Fabric Conditioner is a USDA Certified BioBased Products with a score of 89%. It contains a higher percentage of naturally occurring ingredients and does not contain any Sulphates & phosphates making them very safe to wash your baby’s clothes.

Do you use any sulphates or phosphates or parabens in this product?

Our products are free from all of the above. Our active ingredients like surfactants are sourced from naturally occurring sources. Refer to the ingredients list for full disclosure.

Are your plant-based products as or more effective compared to traditional detergents?

Our products are tested and found to be twice as soft as traditional fabric conditioners. This is based on a co-efficient of friction test done by CIRCOT. Please email us at to get a copy of this report.

Is the product safe for sensitive skin or allergy-prone skin?

Our product contains a high percentage of plant and mineral-based ingredients, hence, it is gentle for people with sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Can I reuse my detergent bottle?

Yes. Our aim is to encourage you to buy the bottle from us only once. Subsequent purchases should be of our refill pack. We also recommend reusing the bottle at home.

What is the benefit of purchasing refills?

Our ECO-Friendly refill packs are manufactured out of aluminium, nylon and plastic. The overall plastic content is 70% lower than that of traditional plastic bottles making them much better for our planet. They are the perfect option to refill your existing PET bottle.

Is a fabric conditioner good for clothes?

A fabric conditioner is good for clothes for many reasons. In addition to imparting a fragrance and making the clothes feel softer, it also adds a protective layer on the clothes giving them a longer life.

Can a fabric conditioner be used as detergent?

No, a fabric conditioner cannot be used a detergent. The primary function of a detergent is to remove stains from clothes whereas that of a fabric conditioner is to give a fragrance to clothes and make them feel softer.

How does a fabric conditioner work?

A fabric conditioner works by evening out the top layer of the clothes (almost like cutting the loose fabric shreds) thereby making the clothes and towels feel softer on touch. They also contain encapsulated fragrance crystals that open up on friction (touching) relese the fragrance notes.

What fabric conditioner is suitable for baby clothes?

We are biased and believe that Born Good plant-based fabric conditioner is best for baby clothes.

What is the difference between a fabric conditioner and a fabric softener?

We are biased and believe that Born Good plant-based fabric conditioner is best for baby clothes.


Ingredients Derived From Purpose
Aqua Naturally occurring  
Soya Bean Oil Soya Bean To soften the garment
Hypo Allergenic Fragrance Essential Oil Imparts Fragrance
Palm Oil Based Softener RSPO Certified Palm Oil To soften the garment
Potassium Sorbate & Sodium Benzoate Inorganic salts Food preservatives to prevent growth of bacteria, fungus, mold and yeast