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Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Liquid

Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Liquid

Made free from toxic chemicals and safe for kids & pets, this plant-based floor cleaner effectively removes stains, kills bacteria, and deactivates germs leaving no sticky residue behind!

Benefits of Choosing Us

Kid & Pet Friendly

Power Of Neem And Tulsi

Safe For Skin

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Why Choose Born Good

Born Good

Key Ingredients

1. Citric acid from citrus fruits
2. Natural coconut extracts
3. Neem & Tulsi extracts


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MRP (inclusive of all taxes):
1 L bottle - Rs. 299
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Manufactured & Marketed by:
Be Better Personal Care Private Limited,
#336 & #337 Jonabonda Village,
Onnalavadi Post,
Krishnagiri District,
Hosur 635110

Plant-Based Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Liquid - Baby & Pet Friendly

Inspired by Nature. Made good with Science.


Kid & Pet Friendly


Power Of Neem And Tulsi


Safe For Skin

Why use Born Good's Disinfectant Floor Cleaner?

We, at Born Good, know that a good floor cleaner can do a lot more than just wipe the ground clean. It works best when it adds value to your modern home by disinfecting your floors, adding a non-toxic lingering fragrance, and keeping it safe for kids, pets and you.

And, that’s what we’ve formulated Born Good Floor Cleaner to do.

This plant-based floor cleaning liquid leaves behind no sticky residue, like traditional floor cleaners, while it effectively removes stains, kills bacteria, deactivates germs, and keeps your floors squeaky clean.

USDA Certified

This is a USDA Certified BioBased Product 78%. It contains 78% BioBased content which is significantly higher than that of traditional floor cleaners.

Pet & Baby Friendly Floor Cleaner

Phenol and traditional floor cleaners contain volatile and toxic chemicals that often do more harm than just clean. The residue they leave behind can be toxic and especially harmful to infants, toddlers and pets. Born Good's baby friendly floor cleaner is made free from toxic chemicals, using powerful natural ingredients. It is eco-friendly and safe for kids, pets and even you to walk, run or lounge free from worry of toxins (or sticky residue!).

Orchard Fresh Fragrance

The uplifting scent of an apple orchard at dawn. Sweet, floral, woody and apple green - a fragrance that lingers with a subtle freshness.

Bad for bacteria. Good for all surfaces

Our formulation contains strong plant-based ingredients that kill 99.99% of harmful and odour-causing bacteria without causing harm to most surfaces, including marble, granite, wood, ceramic and vitrified tiles, amongst others. It works very well as a bathroom floor cleaner as there is normally a good build up of bacterial in humid rooms.


Keep out of reach of children. On contact with eyes, remove contact lenses (if present) and rinse thoroughly for several minutes.


Citric Acid From Citrus Fruits


Coconut Extract From Coconut Oil


Neem & Tulsi Extracts

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Sanvika Kumar

Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Liquid

Good product!

I recently purchased born good floor cleaner and it is a very good product. Love the fragrance! Doesn't smell like a clinic

Rita D'Souza
Toilet Bowl cleaner and floor cleaner

like born good products. Earlier I ordered the toilet bowl cleaner which was doing a good job, so I decided to try another product and ordered the floor cleaner liquid, I am using it at the moment and like it, thank you for these good products

Khadija Lokhandwala
Floor Cleaner

The fragrance is nice and the product is long lasting

Kiranmayi Peddinti

Impressed with the products

frequently asked questions

My kids play on the floors. How do I know this product is safe for them?

Our floor cleaner is certified to contain 78% BioBased ingredients. This means 78% of the product is made of ingredients that are naturally occurring (such as coconut extracts and palm oil extracts). Besides being gentle, these ingredients do not contain any toxins making them safe for babies and pets (and adults too)

Do you use any ammonia or chlorine or sulphates in this product?

Our products are free from all of the above. Our active ingredients like surfactants are sourced from naturally occurring sources. Refer to our ingredients list for full disclosure.

Can this product be used for all surfaces?

Yes! The Born Good floor cleaner is suitable for multiple surfaces including granite, marble, vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles and even wooden flooring. It also does not leave behind the sticky residue you see in many other floor cleaners.

Are you plant-based products as or more effective compared to traditional floor cleaners?

Our products are tested and found to remove stains and clean as well if not better than traditional floor cleaners. What’s more is the pleasant fragrance of the floor cleaner.

Can I reuse the bottle?

Yes. Our aim is to encourage you to buy the bottle from us only once. Subsequent purchases should be of our refill pack. We also recommend reusing the bottle at home.

What is the benefit of purchasing refills

Our ECO-Friendly refill packs are manufactured out of aluminium, nylon and plastic. The overall plastic content is 70% lower than that of traditional plastic bottles making them much better for our planet. They are the perfect option to refill your existing PET bottle.

Is Born Good floor cleaner safe for dogs and cats?

Yes, our plant-based floor cleaner is 100% safe for dogs, cats and all other pets.

Are floor cleaners toxic?

It depends on what floor cleaner you're using. Traditional floor cleaners typically contain 80% of benzalkonium chloride which is known to be toxix. Plant-based floor cleaners such as Born Good are 100% non-toxic chemicals and safe to use.

Can your floor cleaner be used as a disinfectant?

Yes, Born Good's plant-based floor cleaner can be used as a disinfectant. Our formulation contains powerful neem and tulsi extracts that kill bacteria.

What floor cleaner is safe for babies?

We are biased but we believe that our floor cleaner is the safest for babies. This is because the ingredients we use are derived from plants and mineral and our product is certified by USDA BioPreferred program and contains 78% BioBased content.

What floor cleaner can I use to remove dog urine?

Born Good plant-based floor cleaner is a great option to remove the odour and other particles left behind in your pet's urine. Our fragrances are derived from essential oils and are therefore gentle yet strong enough to kill the odour causing bacteria in urine.

What is the difference between a concentrated floor cleaner and a regular floor cleaner?

Unlike regular floor cleaners, the Born Good concentrated floor cleaner is not meant to be used directly. It has to first be diluted by adding water to the concentrate. Once diluted, this floor cleaner works like any other floor cleaner.


Ingredients Derived From Purpose
Aqua Naturally occurring  
Hypo Allergenic Fragrance Essential Oil Imparts Fragrance
 C-10 - C-12 Alkyl polyglucoside Vegetable oils & starch Reduces surface tension of oil stains and solubilises them in water for easy removal
Neem & Tulsi Extract Neem plant & Tulsi plant Natural Anti Bacterial Agent
Cocoamidopropyl Betain Coconut Oil Germicide that prevents redposition of stains
Potassium Sorbate & Sodium Benzoate Inorganic salts Food preservatives to prevent growth of bacteria, fungus, mold and yeast
Citric Acid Citric Fruits pH adjuster and sequestrant
Sodium salt of methyl esters Coconut oil & Palm oil Anti redeposition agent
Alanine carboxymethyl sodium salt Synthetic drived Organic sequestering agent
Food based colour Add colour to the product Berries and Grapes